Friday, June 21, 2013


At home, if I'm not using my Lego or Netbook, I make stickmen comics. It is mostly random, but I'm reaching my final parts now. It started from a simple picture, to a 2-part story of who rules the world. I would put it up here, but my camera is charging.

The whole thing started when I was doodling at home, as I was bored. I drew some pictures, but then I was thinking of something else. I thought something plain, and then I thought of 'Stickmen'. I started by drawing a picture of 2 stickmen.

Now I'm at the stage when a man has cloned himself and stopped his clone from ruling the world. I'm at the epilogue, and I think I'll stop after I finish that.
Here's a picture I drew on the computer to show you what it's like.

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