Tuesday, June 18, 2013

The Dragon Machine Rewritten

On a rainy Thursday George saw dragons. Like him, the dragons went unnoticed. He fed them, and took them to his house. But the dragons started making lots of mess. He had to own up for everything that the dragons did. He went to a library, and read an encyclopaedia. The book showed a place where the dragons would be safe.

So he built an Ender dragon machine. He flew towards the island, and the dragons followed. But the machine broke down. He got out, but the dragons were gone. An emptiness filled George. His parents found him after a lot of searching. When he got home, he had a whole cake to himself. And, his parents got him a dog. Or was it?

Then, he woke up from his dream.

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  1. Hey Iisa,

    It is me Sosaia Lavalu. I really like your story. You used alot of big words. I really miss you and all my friends. I can not post anything on my blog because I had forgot my password. But I will still comment. God blesses you Iisa