Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

When my class got into the hall, I noticed that we were just getting started. Term 3 had come. And the term topic was Life’s A Stage. It was a quote from William Shakespeare.

It meant the 7 stages of life which were birth, child, schoolboy, young man, middle aged man, and then old man, close to imminent death. And someone was always watching you. That’s where it came from. Our term topic was this because the school production is coming up.

Mr Burt came into the hall. He was dressed up. I tried to figure out who he was, but then he gave the answer. “I am James. James Taylor.” Mr Burt said. “My father gave you this school 60 years ago.” “Woh.” I thought.

Soon after, it was team 1’s item. They did this ‘Who Am I’ questionnaire. It was pretty interesting, I must say, and also funny. Mrs Wild was dressed up as Nemo, and when the school saw her, they cracked up laughing. Next was team 2.

They were doing ‘dances of the ages’. It started in 1920, with this old dance that I couldn’t make out, and then it was in 1959 with The Twist. After that long video, it went to Elvis doing a song from the 1960s. Then, it was the 2000s.

It started with Michael Jackson, then went to these people breakdancing. Everyone was amazed, but they were even more amazed when the final video came on. It was the Jabbawockeez. Everyone was screaming. “Not again!” I thought. The same thing happened last term too. “Jeez.” I thought.

When team 3 came on, they did this man dating show, and all the princesses*, were overjoyed to find out who their man was. Then, Mr Barks came running up. He was dressed up as a Hippie. Then, the princesses ran away**.

Now, it was my team, which was team 4. It was the story of the 3 little pigs, but it was more of a parody, as it was funny, the wolf ate 2 of the pigs, and then the final pig, went and bought lots of bricks. Mrs Garden(the narrator), said that since the 3rd pig was smart he got the bricks. But he played too much Minecraft, so he took a while to build.

When the wolf came, he couldn’t blow down the house, so he went through the chimney.  But the pig started a fire, so when the wolf came down, his butt burnt, and he ran all the way home. Finally, was team 5.

They made this MTV, and all the girl teachers sang, “If I were a boy, and Mr Barks sang “If I was a girl. The entire school hall was filled with laughter.

After that hilarious movie, it was time to go to class. I can’t wait ‘till the production!

*Or should I say teachers **Except for the fairy Godmother

Monday, July 29, 2013

Farewell to my cousins

During the holidays, my cousins had a farewell party. They were going back to England, as after one year, they go back to their dad. They had all their stuff ready, and when it was time, we did a prayer(after having cake and cookies), and then they left to the airport.

Living without my cousins isn't the same. When we used to go to their house, there were always things to do. Now, is seems so empty. We used to always play Manhunt and Minecraft, but now, there's only watching TV and playing on the computer.

But some people stayed behind. Those people were my Aunt, Tabby, and my little cousin Holly. I can’t wait ‘till August 5th, as that’s when Mitch, Rory, Ryan, Christian, and my uncle Girshwin come back.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fish And Ships

Yesterday my sister, cousin Holly, aunty Tabby, my Grandma and I went to pick up our friends as we were going to the museum. Why? Because that was when there was a new thing happening: Fish and Ships to be exact.

Since my Grandma works at the Museum, she knew that this was happening. Since me and Jordan have been going out together lately, we decided to go there together. Mariam(my sister) also wanted her friend, Milly, to come too.

Once we picked up everyone up, we went on our way to get....DINNER!! It was kind of ironic, as we were going to Fish and Ships, and our food was fish and chips. My sister and I had to wait a gruelling 14 minuets, as we were fasting.

When we entered the place, we got handed a handbook and a pencil. We had to get all the words from these people to get a special word. Then, we could get a chocolate fish. Soon, we were off.

Soon after, when we got 5/8 letters, we saw a man who would tell us our next letter. Jordan an I walked up calmly to the man, Tom Trnski. He said that we had to guess the word. “Ichtyologist?” I asked.

“You are correct!” Tom said. “You are the first one, after 2 nights, to get the word all on your own. How did you know?” “In the other room there was a video that had you saying what you were.” I answered.

So the letter was I. We walked over to the next place, which was about jaws. Not the movie! We looked at fish jaws, and we had to name the fish it belonged to. The first one was a fish with small, round teeth. “A snapper?” I said, hoping to be right.

Again, I was! This time it was because when my sister caught a snapper, I looked at it, and after 6 years, it actually payed off! Soon after, we found out the next letter. R. Then, there was only 1 letter needed.

We went to the main lobby, we saw that the final letter was getting given out. After waiting in a 12 minuet long line, we found out the word. T. So we worked out the word. Soon we got: M_A_R_A_T_I_M_E.

I handed it in, and got my chocolate fish. After that, we went to first drop off our friends, then we went home.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Minecraft For Dummies

In my Minecraft Results Presentation, I said that Minecraft For Dummies will come out soon. And here it is, all the things you need to know about Minecraft!

Not for people who don't know what Minecraft is.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Recently in my household, my parents have been renovating the house. We started with my sister's room, then moved onto my room, and now on the lounge. But we're still working on all the rooms, so right now me and my sister are sleeping at my Grandparents house.

Every night we go over to see how things are going. My parents are hoping for the whole house to be done by today.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Minecraft results

In Extension we were using the steps of the scientific method. The first was 'The Question', and my one was "How would people think and react about Minecraft. Next, was 'Background Research', which was when I sent out a survey to get my answers.

'Hypothesis' was when I predicted what would happen. My prediction was : I think that people will like Minecraft. They won’t do anything bad, except for killing the animals. After that, I did the experiment(sending the survey), and then drew a conclusion(the presentation).

Lastly, we had to communicate, so I put this on my blog.

Friday, July 12, 2013

The #1 Highlight Of This Year

My number 1 highlight of this term is when we do Minecraft. I've made a blogpost about how to play it, and I'm an expert with Lee, Brandon, Eric, Tame, Vaifoa, and Faaiua. Every Friday we either show our work on it to the class, or we carry on with our work on it. Recently, I got a new skin on Minecraft, and I'm very proud of it. Here is my skin. I like Minecraft as it was my 1st ever video game I played. Since I know a lot about it, and I'm an expert, that is the reason that it's my #1 highlight of this term.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Ramadan starts every year around July and August. This time it started on Thursday the 11 of July. When my family fasts, we wake up 5 in the morning. We have breakfast, say our prayer, and then go back to sleep.

And then when I go to school, I try really hard not to eat or drink until 5 p.m. But the times always change, so soon you go from waking up at 5 a.m, to 4. a.m.

My family does this as we’re Muslim, and in our religion is that is by fasting, you will have a good future later on.

We will end this years fasting on August the 9th.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Black Box pt 4

So Notch carried on down the death defying plane. He heard a sound, so he turned around. Then, he saw that everything might be over. The window next to him was starting to crack. With water trickling in, Notch knew that it might be over. But when he went along, CRASH! The window couldn’t hold any longer, and now water was pouring in. Notch ran desperately, trying to find his way through the dark before the water got to him.

He ran through a pair of curtains, and tripped up on a lever. When he fell, the lights turned on. “So this must be the light switch.” Notch said calm fully. He started to walk slower, as he thought things were going to be alright.

12 deadly minutes later, Notch found the damaged cockpit. The area where Rory used the TNT. He looked around, and saw a crate. It said ANTID. “Wha?” Notch thought. “Shouldn’t it say antidote?” He then saw the antidote leaking out of the crate. So Notch searched for the rest of the crate when he saw that the water had caught up with him.

“What will happen if the antidote touches water?” Notch thought. He had no choice. He had to stick it all in the crate, and then cover it. Use the TNT that was miraculously underneath it, and set it off.

Meanwhile, Faaiua was telling everyone that the world was doomed, as the sharks stopped anyone from getting the antidote. Then, KA-BOOM! Everyone turned around and looked at the ocean. There was an explosion, and flying out was Notch. When he was flying in the air, the crate slipped out of his grasp. He tried to move through the air to get the crate.

The second he grabbed it, BANG! He crash landed in a tree. “Owwww.” Notch groaned. “WE GOT THE ANTIDOTE!!” screamed Faaiua. “HOORAY!” The next day, Notch was famous. When he got asked, ‘What do you want to do now?’, Notch said, go on a camp with Mitch!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Our Trip To Kelly Tarltons

When I arrived at school, I knew that I had 30 minutes before our trip to Kelly Tarltons. Rooms 14 to 18 were going to that place as our topic was Antarctica. When we got there, I was excited. This was my 2nd time that I was going to Kelly Tarltons. So when we got to the bus, I wanted to get there immediatly.

When we were there, I saw that the way down the ramp took you through a blue light. Everyone was making noise, so we had to stop for a little. This made me grumpy. When we were allowed to go, we had to stop again, as we reached the paying area. Since we had already paid, we just carried on.

We got into our groups when we entered. I really didn't like the group I was in, as I was the only boy. But it didn't really matter. What really mattered was that I got through everything. When we were approching the penguins, we reached this spot where this guy wanted to take my group's photo. So we stood there until the picture was taken.

Then we approched this bridge, where ice around it was turning around. When we got on the brigde, it seemed like we were the ones turning, not like when you walked towards it. When we got past that, we approched the penguins. They were being fed. While that happened, we went onwards. To this room where we'd be told about Antarctica.

When we were out of the room, Mrs Garden said that we should write about something about what we have learnt. I decided to write about the King and Gentoo penguins. Enjoy!

King Penguin

Early explorers once thought that baby King pengiuns were a different type of species. Some even named them Woolly pengiuns.

King penguins are only found in sub-Antarctic islands, and their prey is normally small fish and squid. They are the 2nd largest type of penguin, and they weigh from 11 kgs, to 16 kgs. Their threats are Leopard seals, Orca's, the Skua and the sheathbill.

Gentoo Penguin

For Gentoo penguins to get together for the rest of their lives, the male gets a pretty looking stone, and walks to the penguin of their dreams. Then, they place the rock down, and if the female wants to be with that one, she picks the stone up. If she doesn't want to get together, she walks away.

Just like the King penguins, the Gentoo penguins live normally in sub-Antarctic islands. They eat krill, fish, and squid. They can reach a size from 51 cm, to 90 cm. That means that they are the 3rd tallest penguin. Their threats are, like the King penguin, is Leopard seals, Orca's, and Skua's. The Skua's steal their eggs.

When we were done with the posts, we went back to class, at Pt England.