Monday, July 8, 2013

Black Box pt 4

So Notch carried on down the death defying plane. He heard a sound, so he turned around. Then, he saw that everything might be over. The window next to him was starting to crack. With water trickling in, Notch knew that it might be over. But when he went along, CRASH! The window couldn’t hold any longer, and now water was pouring in. Notch ran desperately, trying to find his way through the dark before the water got to him.

He ran through a pair of curtains, and tripped up on a lever. When he fell, the lights turned on. “So this must be the light switch.” Notch said calm fully. He started to walk slower, as he thought things were going to be alright.

12 deadly minutes later, Notch found the damaged cockpit. The area where Rory used the TNT. He looked around, and saw a crate. It said ANTID. “Wha?” Notch thought. “Shouldn’t it say antidote?” He then saw the antidote leaking out of the crate. So Notch searched for the rest of the crate when he saw that the water had caught up with him.

“What will happen if the antidote touches water?” Notch thought. He had no choice. He had to stick it all in the crate, and then cover it. Use the TNT that was miraculously underneath it, and set it off.

Meanwhile, Faaiua was telling everyone that the world was doomed, as the sharks stopped anyone from getting the antidote. Then, KA-BOOM! Everyone turned around and looked at the ocean. There was an explosion, and flying out was Notch. When he was flying in the air, the crate slipped out of his grasp. He tried to move through the air to get the crate.

The second he grabbed it, BANG! He crash landed in a tree. “Owwww.” Notch groaned. “WE GOT THE ANTIDOTE!!” screamed Faaiua. “HOORAY!” The next day, Notch was famous. When he got asked, ‘What do you want to do now?’, Notch said, go on a camp with Mitch!

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