Monday, July 29, 2013

Farewell to my cousins

During the holidays, my cousins had a farewell party. They were going back to England, as after one year, they go back to their dad. They had all their stuff ready, and when it was time, we did a prayer(after having cake and cookies), and then they left to the airport.

Living without my cousins isn't the same. When we used to go to their house, there were always things to do. Now, is seems so empty. We used to always play Manhunt and Minecraft, but now, there's only watching TV and playing on the computer.

But some people stayed behind. Those people were my Aunt, Tabby, and my little cousin Holly. I can’t wait ‘till August 5th, as that’s when Mitch, Rory, Ryan, Christian, and my uncle Girshwin come back.

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  1. Hello Iisa,
    It is a nice story and a bit sad to hear it is empty in your house. Love the picture. That is so sad that your cousins are going and that some of them are staying that is good.