Sunday, July 28, 2013

Fish And Ships

Yesterday my sister, cousin Holly, aunty Tabby, my Grandma and I went to pick up our friends as we were going to the museum. Why? Because that was when there was a new thing happening: Fish and Ships to be exact.

Since my Grandma works at the Museum, she knew that this was happening. Since me and Jordan have been going out together lately, we decided to go there together. Mariam(my sister) also wanted her friend, Milly, to come too.

Once we picked up everyone up, we went on our way to get....DINNER!! It was kind of ironic, as we were going to Fish and Ships, and our food was fish and chips. My sister and I had to wait a gruelling 14 minuets, as we were fasting.

When we entered the place, we got handed a handbook and a pencil. We had to get all the words from these people to get a special word. Then, we could get a chocolate fish. Soon, we were off.

Soon after, when we got 5/8 letters, we saw a man who would tell us our next letter. Jordan an I walked up calmly to the man, Tom Trnski. He said that we had to guess the word. “Ichtyologist?” I asked.

“You are correct!” Tom said. “You are the first one, after 2 nights, to get the word all on your own. How did you know?” “In the other room there was a video that had you saying what you were.” I answered.

So the letter was I. We walked over to the next place, which was about jaws. Not the movie! We looked at fish jaws, and we had to name the fish it belonged to. The first one was a fish with small, round teeth. “A snapper?” I said, hoping to be right.

Again, I was! This time it was because when my sister caught a snapper, I looked at it, and after 6 years, it actually payed off! Soon after, we found out the next letter. R. Then, there was only 1 letter needed.

We went to the main lobby, we saw that the final letter was getting given out. After waiting in a 12 minuet long line, we found out the word. T. So we worked out the word. Soon we got: M_A_R_A_T_I_M_E.

I handed it in, and got my chocolate fish. After that, we went to first drop off our friends, then we went home.

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