Monday, July 1, 2013

Our Trip To Kelly Tarltons

When I arrived at school, I knew that I had 30 minutes before our trip to Kelly Tarltons. Rooms 14 to 18 were going to that place as our topic was Antarctica. When we got there, I was excited. This was my 2nd time that I was going to Kelly Tarltons. So when we got to the bus, I wanted to get there immediatly.

When we were there, I saw that the way down the ramp took you through a blue light. Everyone was making noise, so we had to stop for a little. This made me grumpy. When we were allowed to go, we had to stop again, as we reached the paying area. Since we had already paid, we just carried on.

We got into our groups when we entered. I really didn't like the group I was in, as I was the only boy. But it didn't really matter. What really mattered was that I got through everything. When we were approching the penguins, we reached this spot where this guy wanted to take my group's photo. So we stood there until the picture was taken.

Then we approched this bridge, where ice around it was turning around. When we got on the brigde, it seemed like we were the ones turning, not like when you walked towards it. When we got past that, we approched the penguins. They were being fed. While that happened, we went onwards. To this room where we'd be told about Antarctica.

When we were out of the room, Mrs Garden said that we should write about something about what we have learnt. I decided to write about the King and Gentoo penguins. Enjoy!

King Penguin

Early explorers once thought that baby King pengiuns were a different type of species. Some even named them Woolly pengiuns.

King penguins are only found in sub-Antarctic islands, and their prey is normally small fish and squid. They are the 2nd largest type of penguin, and they weigh from 11 kgs, to 16 kgs. Their threats are Leopard seals, Orca's, the Skua and the sheathbill.

Gentoo Penguin

For Gentoo penguins to get together for the rest of their lives, the male gets a pretty looking stone, and walks to the penguin of their dreams. Then, they place the rock down, and if the female wants to be with that one, she picks the stone up. If she doesn't want to get together, she walks away.

Just like the King penguins, the Gentoo penguins live normally in sub-Antarctic islands. They eat krill, fish, and squid. They can reach a size from 51 cm, to 90 cm. That means that they are the 3rd tallest penguin. Their threats are, like the King penguin, is Leopard seals, Orca's, and Skua's. The Skua's steal their eggs.

When we were done with the posts, we went back to class, at Pt England.

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