Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Term 3 Immersion Assembly

When my class got into the hall, I noticed that we were just getting started. Term 3 had come. And the term topic was Life’s A Stage. It was a quote from William Shakespeare.

It meant the 7 stages of life which were birth, child, schoolboy, young man, middle aged man, and then old man, close to imminent death. And someone was always watching you. That’s where it came from. Our term topic was this because the school production is coming up.

Mr Burt came into the hall. He was dressed up. I tried to figure out who he was, but then he gave the answer. “I am James. James Taylor.” Mr Burt said. “My father gave you this school 60 years ago.” “Woh.” I thought.

Soon after, it was team 1’s item. They did this ‘Who Am I’ questionnaire. It was pretty interesting, I must say, and also funny. Mrs Wild was dressed up as Nemo, and when the school saw her, they cracked up laughing. Next was team 2.

They were doing ‘dances of the ages’. It started in 1920, with this old dance that I couldn’t make out, and then it was in 1959 with The Twist. After that long video, it went to Elvis doing a song from the 1960s. Then, it was the 2000s.

It started with Michael Jackson, then went to these people breakdancing. Everyone was amazed, but they were even more amazed when the final video came on. It was the Jabbawockeez. Everyone was screaming. “Not again!” I thought. The same thing happened last term too. “Jeez.” I thought.

When team 3 came on, they did this man dating show, and all the princesses*, were overjoyed to find out who their man was. Then, Mr Barks came running up. He was dressed up as a Hippie. Then, the princesses ran away**.

Now, it was my team, which was team 4. It was the story of the 3 little pigs, but it was more of a parody, as it was funny, the wolf ate 2 of the pigs, and then the final pig, went and bought lots of bricks. Mrs Garden(the narrator), said that since the 3rd pig was smart he got the bricks. But he played too much Minecraft, so he took a while to build.

When the wolf came, he couldn’t blow down the house, so he went through the chimney.  But the pig started a fire, so when the wolf came down, his butt burnt, and he ran all the way home. Finally, was team 5.

They made this MTV, and all the girl teachers sang, “If I were a boy, and Mr Barks sang “If I was a girl. The entire school hall was filled with laughter.

After that hilarious movie, it was time to go to class. I can’t wait ‘till the production!

*Or should I say teachers **Except for the fairy Godmother

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