Friday, August 23, 2013

Cross Country

When the day rolled around, I was getting nervous. I didn't want to get my reputation ruined. What reputation? My Cross Country reputation. For 2 years I've come 2nd. I didn't want to come 3rd or under.

The races began at 1.00. We 10 & 11 yr olds, had to wait awhile before our races did. And when it did, I was freaking out! Mr Burt said that he'd say 'On your marks, get set, and set off the alarm. After the explanation, he started.

"On your marks," Mr Burt said, "Get set," AWWOOOHH!!! The alarm went off. I took a delay to react. Most 10 yr olds got in front of me, but not for long. I slowly overtook them, 1 by 1. When I reached 3rd, we ran past the yr 7 & 8's. "GO IISA!! GO LEE!! GO TAKAI!!!" I heard them yell.

Takai saw me approaching, and started going faster. I did too. In the end I over took him. But now there was one more person. Lee.

He wasn't that far in front, in fact if I ran a little bit faster I'd have overtaken him. But I was at my limit, so I couldn't. Slowly, I started to drift away, I was getting stuck in the mud, but I didn't stop. I had a reputation to keep.

By the time I had made it to the final 50 meters, Lee had already finished. But I didn't give up. I kept going, and going. Then, I ran past the finish line. 2nd. As I stumbled to the water station, I was glad. My reputation was safe.

I just hope it'll stay for Inter-zone as well.

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  1. Hi Iisa

    Nice blogpost.It sounds like your a fit fellow. I came 9th in my race so keep up the good work,