Sunday, August 11, 2013

Handsome And The Evil Witch Pt 2

So Francis sailed towards the island that Khaia was on. When he got to the window, he saw Khaia playing Minecraft on a 196 inch plasma TV. Francis crept towards the door, and then, it opened up in his face. “I sensed you.” Khaia said, playing Minecraft.

Francis got up, red in the face. “Look, I really don’t want you to be a witch.” He said calmly. “WHAT!? NO WAY! I LOVE these powers. BEGONE!” Khaia yelled. She transported her and him into the Nether. Then, she started spawning Wither Skeletons. They ran towards Francis.

“You’re overreacting Khaia! Stop before I die!” Francis screamed. Khaia started transforming. Her nose got longer,  her voice was sounding like the witch movies, she was looking ugly. “I DON’T CARE IF YOU DIE! IF YOU DIE, THEN I NEVER HAVE TO WORRY ABOUT LOSING MY POWERS!” Khaia shrieked.

Then, a ghast shot a fireball at Francis. He dodged it, but the explosion threw him over the skeletons, towards Khaia. Francis shut his eyes, and puckered up. This time, he succeeded. He and Khaia popped up in the mansion, and Khaia lost her powers, and ugliness.

Khaia turned from a demented witch, to someone almost kind as Cinderella. “Well,” Francis said shyly, “I guess it’s time to go. One more hu--OUCH! No need to hit me so hard!” Khaia turned around. Just because we kissed, doesn’t mean we’re a couple.

By the next week, Francis always had Khaia play Minecraft with him, but she never killed him. It was the Wither bosses that did. And no more demented witch Khaia, those 2 lived happily ever after.

Except when it came to the Minecraft Withers.

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