Monday, August 5, 2013

Handsome & The Evil Witch Pt 1

Khaia was a average girl, who was born in Kansas. She was always the teenager type, as she was 15, and also was all “Oh my god! Like, totally! Uhh, YEAH.” She was so rich, that she wanted everything. While she was on vacation on a island, a vast way away, she went to a fortune teller. Her future was “You will be cursed for your meanness.”

She thought it was a fake, and walked to her mansion. The next day, Khaia looked at her reflection, and was shocked! She looked exactly like a witch. She was so horrified that she flew into a rage and turned everyone with her into house living items.

She turned her BFF, Josephine, into a lamp, her maid Lucy into a cup, and her dad Collin into a teapot. When her brother Jordan came, he said, “Hey my room needs cleaning. Can you clean it fo--” Khaia had turned him into a broom. “HEY!” Jordan yelled. “I’LL SUE YOU FOR THIS!”

Soon, a man named Francis was fishing, when he landed on this castaway island. He wandered around, and saw this house. He entered, and then to his great surprise, he saw a witch. “Woah!” Francis shouted. “Aren’t you supposed to live in a candy house?!”

Khaia went rage quit and tried to kill Francis. “WHAT THE---!?” Francis screamed. Khaia punched Francis, and then after 2 hours of unconsciousness, Francis got up and threw a book at her. It was Hansel And Gretel.

After Khaia read it, she thought, “Hmm, a candy house... I’m smarter than the average human, so I’ll have lots of food! I should turn them into candy. Maybe Skittles!” So she turned around and zapped the house living items into candy.

For some reason, they were all M&Ms. “I'm outta here!” Francis yelled, running to the front porch. SPLAT! Francis had been hit by Humpty Dumpty. “Sorry,” He said. “Hansel and Gretel pushed me off the roof.”

“We found candy!” Hansel shouted. “And we don’t want some protein-filled thing coming in!” Gretel continued. Francis stood there with egg yolk all over him. “...” Francis said. He was speechless.

“I FOUND A PIE!” Hansel shouted. He grabbed Josephine(M&M), and used her to get a plum out. “I’m a good boy!” Hansel exclaimed. DING DONG! The clock struck 1. Then, a mouse came running, and then grabbed Josephine “Help!” Iron and Josephine screamed.

“....Uh....” Francis said. BANG. He fainted. “My guts!” Humpty yelled. When Francis got up, he decided that enough was enough. He asked Khaia “Where’s a way out of here?” “Over there.” Khaia said, pointing at a broken bridge.

“What!?” Francis yelled. “It’s broken!” “No,” Khaia replied. “It’s the London Bridge.” Francis looked out the window, and saw a well on top of a hill. “I’m thirsty,” Francis thought. “Time to get some water!”

Francis grabbed a pail, and walked all the way to the top. Then, the mouse with Josephine in it’s mouth ran in front of Francis. “AAAAAAAAHHHHHH!” Francis screamed in a high pitched voice. He fell down the hill, and passed out for 2 minutes.

Khaia decided that she was bored, and made a fortune ball. ‘You will return to normal with the kiss of your loved one. Your true kiss will come from F--’ “NO WAY AM I GETTING WITH HIM!” Khaia yelled.

Francis saw the thing unfold through the window. He ran at Khaia with puckered lips, hoping that one kiss could get him home. Khaia sensed him coming, grabbed his arms, and threw him at the bridge. Francis flew right across, and then, he was home.

He remembered every day, the time that he almost kissed a witch. Khaia felt lonely too. When Francis played Minecraft, he saw that someone joined his world. Someone named KhaiaIsAwesome.

He started to chat “<FrancisTheMan> Who are you?” Francis typed. “<FrancisTheMan> Did you punch me?” He typed again. Then, he got an answer. “<KhaiaIsAwesome> I punched a high pitched voiced boy, was that you?” Khaia typed.

Francis knew immediately, that he found the witch. Francis ran at Khaia(in Minecraft), but Khaia started to spawn witches on Francis. When Francis died, he instantly left the world he was on. “I will get rid of that girl.” Francis thought.

“The only problem is, I need to kiss her for the powers to go away.” Francis continued thinking. Then, he remembered about the mouse with Josephine. “Why do I have to get with her!? This is dumb! And I’m only gonna have to do it because she’s ruined my Minecraft time.”

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