Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Little Red Riding Hood(LRRH) And The 3 Witherheads

“Oh my god! Like, totally! Uhh, YEAH.” That was LRRH. LRRH was a average girl, who was born in Kansas. She was always the teenager type, as she was 15. She was so rich, that she wanted everything. While she was on vacation in a forest, a vast way away from Kansas, she went to a her mother. Her Mum told her to get stuff for Grandma.

She went down Cobblestone Path to the house of her Grandma when she saw an Ocelot strolling. Lost. She said that it could come along and help her with the things. The Ocelot ran ahead and told a Witherboss that there was someone to kill. So the Witherboss went ahead. He found Grandma before LRRH, and shot a Witherhead at her.

That knocked her out of her bed, and into the End. Then, the Wither climbed into bed. Then, LRRH came. She was shocked. “That’s a lot of heads you have Grandma!” “All the better to see, hear, and think with.” “What little skin you have! I can see your ribs!” “All because I exercise alot.” “Youre so black!” “And you're so racist.” 

The Wither shot a head at LRRH, and it almost killed her. One head went out the window. There was a woodcutter. The head was about to hit the cutter, but it got deflected off the bedrock axe. The head flew right at the Wither. It blew up, killing the Wither. Then LRRH teleported Grandma to her. LRRH gave Grandma a new texture pack. Grandma was so happy, that she left the server.

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