Friday, August 30, 2013

Stranded Pt 4

This was our chance. If I could get the water in the iron bucket I made, we could be out of here. I was gathering the lava, but then a rock flew out and almost hit me! The good thing was that it splashed water into the bucket.

I was outta there! I zoomed all the way to the boat, put in the lava, and the bat started to move. But it was going to slow. By the time the entire island was covered in lava, the boat had moved 5 meters.
“It’s going to darn slow!” Vaifoa exclaimed. “I noticed.” I replied sarcastically.
“Well any bright ideas?”
“Heh, that’s what Lee said when the zombies were all around us!”
“I mean it.”
“We could use these sticks to make oars.” Once we made them, we paddled faster than anyone has ever gone before. In seconds, the island looked like a bright star in the distance.

But we were still in trouble. The ash from the volcano caused the weather to stir. First it was nice and calm, but in 2 minutes there were waves, lightning, and lots of water. There soon were so many crashes that the part of the boat that was fixed broke.

Me & Vaifoa were in heaps of trouble. There was nothing we could do. Except hang on until the end. It seemed like we couldn’t. This massive wave came towards us.

We were doomed.

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