Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mrs Ocelot & her 7 kids

Once upon a time there lived a female Ocelot, and  had 7 little Ocelots. She was going to go to the minecraft server shop to get some diamond  blocks. “Don’t open the door, or the wolf will get you! Do you want that to happen?” Mrs Ocelot said. “No indeed!” Shouted the the seven little kids.

There was a wolf nearby. He heard what they said. “I think I found myself a meal!” The Wolf said. He was determined to get food, after what happened with him and the Wither.

He ran into the door. Squishing his face in the bottom part of the door, he said “Little kids, little kids, let me in! I’m your mother and I have got you some dead meat from a mooshroom cow!” “Our mother would never give us that! We eat fish!” The littlest one said.

So the wolf waited for a minecraft hour, then tried again. “Little kids, little kids, let me in! I’ve got some fish for you!” The Ocelot’s were convinced. “Let her in.” The oldest one said. “WAIT!” screeched the youngest. “Show us your fur!”

The wolf sticked some of his fur in. “It’s not yellow and brown like our mum!” The eldest shouted in horror. The youngest one put tape on the fur, then ripped it right off. “OOOOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCCHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!” He screamed.

He went to the farmer named QLDBRANDON, and took some wool from a sheep named Zoah. Then, he threatened a painter named NeQix to paint the fur yellow. Once NeQix had finished, the wolf went to VanillaCreeper for his brown circles.

After the painting, the wolf went back for the 3rd time. He said what he said before. “Little kids, little kids, let me in! I’ve got some raw fish for you!” He showed his fur, and made it look like he was their mum. All the kids worked together to reach the lever to the iron door.

The youngest ran into the charcoal chest, uncertain. When the door opened, the wolf ran right in. He gobbled them all up. Then, he grabbed Mother Ocelot’s famous Potion of regeneration.

When Mother Ocelot got home, she saw that there was no-one. Then, Little Ocelot ran out. He told his mother what had happened. “Now he’s resting in your outside bed!” Little Ocelot said. Mrs Oce. was furious.

She ran outside at 700 m/ph. She gave the wolf a big beating. Once the wolf could stand no more, Mother Oce. strangled him to death with her tail.

Then she reached in a took her kids out. She gave them some fish, and a bite on the tail for being so gullible.

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  1. Hi Iisa, well done on using minecraft to show some of your your learning. I like how you had the chance to create and design the setting and structures in your writing. It's great to use this medium that you are skilled at. I'm currently sitting in a workshop where teachers are discussing the use of games in learning. If I get the chance I'll show your blog posts.
    Mrs Tele'a