Sunday, September 8, 2013

Reckless Driving

Since there was nothing for me to do, my parents said that I could play a video game. So I played a game called 'Most Wanted'. It's a racing type of game, and I was crashing, driving at top speed, riding on the wrong road, and being reckless.

All the innocent drivers had to watch out, because I was not going to stop. I kept knocking them off the road, or smashing them into pieces. But sometimes I got chased by the police. I kept zooming around, and battering the road blocks the police made.

Once I managed to escape them, but then I crashed into the wall, and that put me on the run again. I soon made a choice. I ran onto the train lines. The police managed not to crash, but they started slowing down. I had escaped them.

But then, boom! I was going so fast that I broke the barrier and fell into the sea. Then, when I restarted, I found myself right in front of a police car. What did I do? Drive the heck out of there. When I entered the cool down, I began to ride recklessly again.

So if things are going this way, I wonder what it'll be like when I learn how to drive.

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