Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rousie retell

There was girl that worked on a farm. Her dad had recently got some sheep for shearing. They put the sheep in the shed for the night. The next morning at 6 a.m, she had breakfast. She was grumpy because of the time, and to make things worse she still had morning jobs to do on the farm.

But when the only lamb wraps around her leg for milk, she forgets about being grumpy. She then went down to the shed for the shearing. She was the rousie, which meant that she had to spread each fleece on the table, sort the good wool from bad, help keep the floor clean from the wool, and help to load the wool press.

Soon it is time for Smoko, but it didn’t last long enough. Soon there are more sheep to pen, more wool to sort, more sweeping, lunchtime comes and goes. The shearer doesn't talk much, but his eyes tell the whole thing. “Keep that pen full! Fleece-o! Get that fleece!”

Soon after, their done. All 1,500. There is a truck waiting. Away goes the wool in bales. Bales that get money so the farm can keep going, money to the bank, to the shearer, and the rousie.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Farming fish retell

There was this boy that lived in Makira, Solomon Islands. In his village they eat fish most of the time, when the weather is good. If it’s bad, most of the time they have to go without it. But they don’t get much food from shops, as the plant and harvest it.

Their cheif Isaiah, thought that they should make ponds using the river, pipes, and some hole that they could dig. Most people in village thought that he was crazy. But soon everyone decided to help build the 3 ponds.

It took a year & a half to dig the holes, and it took 10 days to fill. Once that was done, they put some mudfish in. The people of the village hoped that they’d survive(the fish), and they did. Three years later, after feeding the fish, they were ready to eat. Adam Pryor,(the boy) siad that he was glad that his uncle (Isiah) manged to make it that people could go fishing everyday.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The return of the U.F.O

Bardock and Notch were walking around the school amusement park. “They’ve outdone themselves.” Bardock told Notch. “Who would’ve known that our last day of the weekends is at school?” Notch didn’t reply. He was too busy running toward the ride of the day, the death ride.

It wasn’t actually a ride where you could die on. It was so scary that most people who rode didn’t want another turn. Notch was counting his money. “Well, best friend,” Notch told Bardock, “I have enough money for just me.” “Same here.” Bardock replied. Notch & Bardock leaned against the height measurement. They were tall enough to go on.

“Man, you two are lucky.” Said one of the rollercoaster staff. “You just got the last seats for the last ride.” “Woooooaah.” Notch and Bardock replied. Their eyes were big like saucers, and I think that there were stars glittering around their eyes.

Once they were in, the ride started off fast. Really fast. “Man, this is awesome!” Bardock shouted as the ride went on a quadruple loop-de-loop. Then, a laser flew out of the water and broke the track ahead.

The people on the ride were shrieking, shouting, crying, and Notch even wet his pants. The staff of the ride was chewing something, listening on his Ipod, and was getting drowsy.

The roller coaster pummeled into the water. Unfortunatly, the laser hit the part loop when it goes down, so they shot right in the water. SPLOOSH! The roller coaster shot it’s way down. Luckily for them, the rollercoaster had glass all around it in case this situation did happen.

“Look Notch!” Bardock shouted. There are sharks coming! Everyone heard. It was tiger sharks. And they were hungry. They kept banging on the glass(the sharks not the people), in hope to get in.

Rory was busy working on the spaceship that he got from E.T before he died. He heard the screams of the people. “What now?” he thought. “This can’t be good.” He turned on the long vision screen. All he saw was a mob a sharks.just banging their heads on something. He turned on Ultra-sound 3x. He heard Notch’s high pitched shriek. “If Notch is involved, it’s not gonna go well.”

Rory turned on the U.F.O’s swim mode, and off he went to the rescue. “I can’t use lasers, or missiles, or water bullets, because they will break the glass. Hmm...” Rory said to himself.

Rory looked at the control pad. Then he saw the transform button. “Of course!” I could make a sword fish! He transformed the ship, and the shark turned around they chased Rory. “Invisible mode!” Rory cried out as he pressed the button. The sharks couldn’t see Rory. But he could see them.

He killed the sharks, the swam over to save the freaked out people. Rory turned off the invisibility, grabbed the whole roller coaster, and flew out the water. “You’re brother saved us!” Bardock yelled. The staff asked Rory how the track broke. “I must’ve accidentally shot it.” Rory confessed.

So Rory flew Bardock and Notch home. “Man this is awesome!” Bardock told Notch. “A near death experience! Man, we should’ve done that again. “You like near death experiences, eh?” Rory butted in. “Here.” He shoved Notch and Bardock out the window.

“They should enjoy landing on the mountain!” He said cheerfully. He looked at them again. Bardock yelled, causing an avalanche. “Yeah,” Rory said with a scared expression. “They should like near death experiences.”

Here is what Lee and I thought of my story. Click on it to make it bigger. If you can’t see some blue in particular places, it means I agreed with Sean too.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

My sister's birthday

My sister turned 14 today. She was glad when I said "Happy birthday," only because she thought that I forgot her birthday. For her B-day, we had a barbecue. Mariam's friends came, and so did our cousins. We played games, had dinner, then watched The Internship.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Trip to Windy Wellington

After waking up at 5.40 a.m, and landing in Wellington after a very cool and freaky airline flight, we walked over to the Inland Revenue Department. The ambassadors were going to speak to the IRD (like I said before).

I was pretty nervous before we even got there. Partly because we were going to speak to them, but also the fact that the plane was shaking around. The flight was like any usual flight, nice and calm. But when we came to Wellington, the plane was shaking because of the wind. Hannah was getting scared and was breathing quickly.

"Calm down!" I said continously. "We'll make it out alive!" When we landed Hannah slowly started calming down.

When we walked into the IRD, we met a woman named Nicole. She led us to where we were speaking. Then, it was time to speak. It was like our normal speech, as we were really prepared. When it was over, we wrote this.

Soon after, we walked to Parliament. There was a mini tour that we went on. There were places like the debate chamber. We soon went into a room which was set up like the debate chamber, but was shrunken down. Our tour person was a man named Simon O'Connor. He was someone we spoke to earlier in the year because he is our member of parliament. He was telling us about Parliament.

Lesieli asked Simon if we could sit in the chair of the speaker. He replied with: "The fastest one can." So I sped over. It was pretty big, I have to say. Whenever I wanted to ask a question, Simon would say "Yes, Mister Speaker,"

After that, we got in a cab that went all the way to Te Papa. The first thing that was there was a ball spinning in water. We had a tour around, had lunch, then went to a gift shop, then got into these 2 rides. There was the high ride, where we went through different lives, and the low ride, where we went down to the ocean floor.

Afterwards, we went to the cable cars. Jordan took the last window seat. So I moved around on the car until I found another window seat. Once the car reached the top, we walked out side. And Mr Burt took some photos of us on the hill. IMAG0802.jpgSoon the cable car was ready.

Once that was over, we went off to the airport. While we waited for the airplane we had hot chips and some Coke. Finally, the plane came, which meant time to go. The plane flight was cool. Nice and calm, and I even got the window seat, so I could see Auckland from above. It was amazing. And the evening sky added even more coolness.

Outside the plane, were my parents. Waiting to pick me up. Wellington is really cool, but so windy!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Plants vs Farmers

“Help me Mike! They’ve got me!” Joe shouted. “I don’t know what it takes to kill them!” Mike yelled back. How did this happen? Well...
A few days back two farmers named Mike and Joe had crops that were dying. They were desperate to stay in business, so they used a new spray. The first few days were good, but then the plants started to go strange. Joe wanted a photo of him and the plants, and after the photo was taken it started to wrap around his hand.

Soon after the crops started to drag their animals into the middle of the farm. Joe soon noticed what was happening, as a cat walking by got dragged in. He ran to tell Mike, but he wasn’t there. Then he heard a scream.

Mike pulled out his gun and shot the crops. No effect. The plants regenerated on the spot. “Sorry ‘bout this Joe.” Mike said
“What? What are you gonna do?”
“I’ve got one stick of dynamite.”
“Wait, are you going to USE that thing!?”
Mike threw the dynamite at Joe. BOOM! The crop burnt, but started to regenerate. Joe ran faster than Usain Bolt.

Mike watched the plants regenerate. He noticed that the crop that had been on Joe’s hand had been cut off completely. It didn’t grow back.

Mike ran to the shed. Joe was in the corner all crouched up. “Are th-they g-g-gone?” Joe ask worryingly. “No.” Mike replied. “WAAH!!!” Joe cried like a baby. “I want them to go away!”
“Don’t worry,” Mike said calmly. “I know what can kill them. That Machete that we used on the rice.” Joe jumped up. “You could’ve told me earlier.”

So the crop-cutting began. They cut everything. But then a crop grabbed Mike’s shoe. He took it off. But then the crop threw the shoe at Joe. Knockout.

The crops pulled the unconscious Joe into the middle. “You killed my friend!” Mike shouted angrily. “Now DIE!” Mike started cutting everything. He was full of rage.

When the cutting was done, Mike saw a deep pit. He grabbed a fence pole and some rope, so he could climb down safely. That’s when he saw everything the crops took. The bullet, the unconscious Joe, and his smelly shoe. But no animals.

Once Mike had gotten everything out, he noticed a tunnel. He crawled through it, and found out where the cows, sheep, pigs, and chicken went. They got taken on another farm.

The farm belonged to his step-brother. Mike climbed up. His brother saw him. He ran at Mike. “You found out my secret! Now I’ll kill you!” Mike stood there calmly. “I chopped up 1,000 mutant crops. Now I’ll chop you.”
When the cutting was done, the only part that wasn’t bloody was the soles of the big man’s feet. Mike went into his brothers barn. It was more of a chemistry lab.

“So he planned all of this.” Mike said, looking around. He walked back to his barn after realising that the whole thing was set-up. When he got home, Joe was there with the camera. “Say cheese!” Joe shouted, and took a photo.

“Nice photo,” Mike commented. “Should we put it on Google?” “Might as well.” Joe answered. Mike & Joe were so glad that their problems were over.
“Hey,” Mike asked. “Should we play Plants vs Zombies?”

Here is what Sean and I thought of my story. Click on it to make it bigger. If you cant see some blue in paticular places, it means I agreed with Sean.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

What would happen if no-one paid their taxes?

Could we live without hospitals, dentists, police, the army, and navy? How could we keep poor people alive? We'd live in a country where things would be harder than it is now. Can we stop it? Is there a way to stop this from happening?

There is a way, it's called tax. The Pt England Ambassadors have been learning about tax. It's because next week we're speaking to the IRD.

The IRD stands for Inland Revenue Department. Their job is to take money and give it to the Government to spend. In 2009 & 2010, the government spent about 64.5 billion dollars! That's a lot of money!

Here are some things that they spent it on.

  • Law and Order: Judges, and policemen,
  • Defence: Army, Navy, Royal Flight,
  • Social security and welfare: For people who don’t have jobs,
  • Health: Hospitals, doctors, nurses, machinery, dentists,
  • Transport and communication: Air Time companies, trains, buses,
  • Heritage, culture and education: Museums, schools, America’s cup boats.

We also interviewed a member of staff about taxes. So I interviewed Mrs Sorenson. Here is the video that Jordan and I made.

What would life be without tax?
Life without tax would change New Zealand a lot. People would live on the road, because there wouldn't be any money given to them. There wouldn't be policemen or judges, which means more crime. Many people would die of sickness, as there wouldn't be enough money to keep hospitals going. There would be less houses because Housing New Zealand would have closed down. 
Could you imagine life without all of that?

You might be wondering where the money comes from.
One of the ways it comes from is from income tax payers. Income tax is money that people pay to the government. The people that pay it are people with jobs. The money goes to the IRD, the IRD gives the money to the government, and the government spends it.

Some of it comes to the government because of GST. GST(Goods and Services Tax) is the money that goes to the government after you buy something. For example, if you buy a chocolate bar, it might cost say $3.00. But the government gets 15% of that.

File:New Zealand Revenue 2005-06.png

Here is a graph about where the money came from in 2005 & 2006. As you can see, most of the money came from individual tax payers.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Organic Farming

There was this woman in 1984 who was farming. She used sprays like most farmers do these days. But  since her fruit didn't look good, nobody would buy it. So she decided to make juice with the plants instead.

That never got her enough money. So she tried something new. She stopped using sprays, and let nature do the work. The first few days were rough, though.

All the insect pests started to attack her fruit. She was tempted to spray them to death, but she restrained herself. A few days later, wasps and praying mantis's came and got rid of the pests themselves. Soon, more people came around to buy some fruit, but when they saw the insects they were terrified.

But soon more and more people tried organic farming, so then the buyers decided that they should buy from her as well. So soon she managed to gain enough money to live a nice life.

Immersion Assembly

For immersion assembly, the team 4 teachers created this movie. It's called I'm a Farmer And I grow it. The movie is a parody of I'm Sexy And I Know It. You should watch it, it's very funny!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A chance for Crayvaty

After that weird attack from the aliens, Crayvaty knew that camping should be held off for a while. So he spent more family time. But things were kinda difficult. His wife lost her job, and the family only had $100 left. So they had to earn money fast. I mean, how could you take care of 3 greedy kids, yourself, and you're wife with $100?

So Crayvaty was walking around. He didn't know what he could do. Stumbling around town feeling depressed, Crayvaty knew that the things that could earn him lots of loot, he'd never get hired for. He leaned on the glass outside the TV store. Then, he heard: "The Craziest movie award goes to this boy named Peter. He showed us something very out of this world."

The news program showed a snippet of the whole alien abduction. But Crayvaty noticed something. The movie was from someone else's view. Mitch's view. Crayvaty was about to go and sue Peter, but then he heard something else. "If you saw anything from this event, or if you were one of the two being abducted, or the one driving the ship, please visit to get a ticket to the United Kingdom so you can help remake the movie."

Crayvaty zoomed all the way home. If he managed to enrol as Mitch, then he could get paid the most. "Dub dub dub, farce movies dot co dot uk forward slash enrol form, enter!" Crayvaty said as he typed. Then, he selected the movie called Bad Luck, and searched through the spots to see if he could get main character.
But Mitch had just taken the spot.

Crayvaty was dissapointed, but he quikly scrolled down to his name. He managed to enrol as himself. "Well honey," he said that night to his wife while they were in bed, "I'm going to the U.K tomorrow." BANG! Crayvaty had been hit! "NO!" She shouted back. "Why are people now using fire entenguishers as weapons?" Crayvaty asked in his dazed position.

Soon, they finally settled on the trip to the U.K. When Crayvaty got there, he saw Peter. He stormed over to him. "THAT MOVIE WAS NOT YOURS!" Crayvaty screeched
"It wasn't. Mitch signed it in as me."
"More like you STOLE it! I'm right, am I?"
"Dead wrong, fatso."
"WHY YOU LITTLE--" Crayvaty started strangling Peter like Homer does to Bart. "Hey!" Peter screamed in a choked voice. "You can't do that! Only Homer can! And anyway, I just came back from Antarctica!"

Crayvaty got so frustrated, that he ran onto the set, set fire to everything, and then smashed the camera. He went beserk. After that, he walked to the director. "Give me your money." Crayvaty said like one of those lesser robbers in the movies.  The director facepalmed. "If you're going to be a robber, you have to go next door."

Crayvaty walked over to the next scene, were the director was explaining how the scene would go for the actors. He saw the propmaster pour money into the cashier. "Money..." Crayvaty thought. When no-one was looking, he ran, grabbed the cashier, and went to the airplane ready for his departure back to the U.S.A.

Soon, he made it home. "I wonder how much money is in here?" he wondered. "$1000? 2000? I've gotta check." Crayvaty was shocked when he saw what he had. Monopoly money. "ARGH!" Crayvaty screamed.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


In literacy we had been learning about farming, so for today we had to match picture with picture. Once we were done, we had to choose a picture and talk about it. The one I chose was of a vineyard and some wine. Why do they match?

Because a vineyard is where they grow grapes. In South Africa, it's called a wine farm. The science of vineyard production is known as viticulture. 

They grow lots of different kinds of grapes there. Some of them are cultivated grapes, raisins, currants, and sultanas.

Here is a picture of some of the matches.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

LRRH and the 3 witherheads

Some of you might know the Maniakalani Film Festival. In Extension we had to write a story (LRRH & the 3 Witherheads), tell the class about it, and the winning story got made into a movie.

My story was the winner, but some people wanted to make another group. So they did. So the winning movie was the one to go to the festival. I don't know the winner yet, but this is my group's movie named LRRH*.
LRRH from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.
*LRRH stands for Little Red Riding Hood.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mitch Jane Mouse Pt 2: The attack of the butterfingers

Most of you might've read the story of M.J.M. Now, he's back again, and this time it involves butter!

"Are you done with the sculpture?" N.J.M asked. "No, and I don't really understand it." M.J.M replied. "Why does the sculpture of you and me have to be made of *gag* butter!? It's offensive!" Then, Ryan Gaylord Rat walked in.

"It's a sculpture of you two, because you saved the planet, and it's made of butter, because you lost the cheese. Understood?" Ryan said. "Understood." M.J.M mumbled grumpily. Ryan left the room. N.J.M stared at the butter sculpture. "HEY!" N.J.M yelled. "Why am I making a weird face!?" M.J.M replied "Because you always did that whenever someone took your photo." "I've changed since then!" N.J.M screeched at M.J.M.

3 minutes of changing N.J.M's face later, M.J.M had finally finished. "Phew!" he puffed tiredly. As he left the room, a zombie sneaked in. It was a baby one, but it was smart. Using a ray that worked on his life energy, he brought the sculpture to life. The evil B.M.J.M (Butter Mitch Jane Mouse), and B.N.J.M (Butter Notch Jane Mouse), went out to cause mayhem. Meanwhile, the little zombie slowly died, as he had no more life energy.

M.J.M went for a walk, while N.J.M played Minecraft. "M O U S E! M O U S E! M O U S E and Mouse was his name! Ho!" (<--To the tune of BINGO) M.J.M sung. Then, whack! M.J.M had been hit by the Butter M.J.M. M.J.M tried desperatley to get away, but the butter version of him had absorbed him.

B.M.J.M then transformed. He still had the same look as before, but he was now real. No more butter. But he could still absorb.

Meanwhile, B.N.J.M had gone on the lookout. He saw Notch Jane Mouse distracted. So he came in, and hit Notch. Notch fought back. But since the butter man was made out of butter, Notch couldn't hit him without causing any damage.

Notch couldn't do anything. The butter version of him picked up his toaster, and threw it at him. Notch barely dodged it. "YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO THAT FAR!!" Notch screamed at the butter him. DING! An overcooked piece of toast bounced out the half-damaged toaster and landed perfectly into Notch's hand. "Here goes," Notch said, taking aim.

He threw it at B.N.J.M. The butter man didn't bother to dodge. The toast hit him right in the stomach. Luckily for Notch, the toast started to dissolve the butter him. It screamed, all the way until there was just some toast. With butter on it.

By that time, Evil Mitch walked in. "Mitch! I am soooooooooooooooooo glad to see you!" Notch yelled. "You will not belive what happened! First there was this..." "You need to calm down." Evil Mitch interrupted. "Let's go get a cheese milkshake." "Okay," Notch replied suspicously. "You're paying." "Fine." Evil Mitch replied grumpily. "That's better." Notch said cheerfully. "Let's go."

When they got to the place, Evil Mitch put his hand on Notch's shoulder. He started to slowly put his butter fingers around Notch. Notch turned around in shock. "GET YOUR BUTTERFINGERS OFF ME!" Notch exclaimed. He ran. Where could he find some toast?

He was getting chased all over town. Unfortunatly, Notch wasn't as fit as Evil Mitch. So he ended up in an ally. The place that he would die. Instead, he got absorbed. Notch woke up in a butter paradise. Notch felt quesy. He stumbled around the palace until he hit Mitch. Notch turned around in shock. "Prove you're my brother." Notch asked cautiosly. "You hate butter." Mitch replied.

That was all that it took. Notch threw up, as he didn't want butter to be mentioned. Mitch was grossed. Notch was as well, but then he noticed something. A small piece of toast. Notch bent down, picked it up, and threw it at the butter palace.

Almost 12 minutes later, Mitch and Notch soon found themselves in the real world again. Except that they were covered in gooey butter. Notch started to spaz. "I'VE GOT BUTTER ON MEEEEE!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" "You need to calm down." Mitch interrupted. "Let's go get a cheese milkshake."

The 21 km walk

I am proud of my Grandma. Why? Because she's going to do a 21 km walk for cancer. To be honest, I don't think I could do that. And I came 2nd in a 2 km run. So 21 km must be a very big achievement.

Now I'm wondering. Will you do that distance for cancer?