Thursday, October 17, 2013

A chance for Crayvaty

After that weird attack from the aliens, Crayvaty knew that camping should be held off for a while. So he spent more family time. But things were kinda difficult. His wife lost her job, and the family only had $100 left. So they had to earn money fast. I mean, how could you take care of 3 greedy kids, yourself, and you're wife with $100?

So Crayvaty was walking around. He didn't know what he could do. Stumbling around town feeling depressed, Crayvaty knew that the things that could earn him lots of loot, he'd never get hired for. He leaned on the glass outside the TV store. Then, he heard: "The Craziest movie award goes to this boy named Peter. He showed us something very out of this world."

The news program showed a snippet of the whole alien abduction. But Crayvaty noticed something. The movie was from someone else's view. Mitch's view. Crayvaty was about to go and sue Peter, but then he heard something else. "If you saw anything from this event, or if you were one of the two being abducted, or the one driving the ship, please visit to get a ticket to the United Kingdom so you can help remake the movie."

Crayvaty zoomed all the way home. If he managed to enrol as Mitch, then he could get paid the most. "Dub dub dub, farce movies dot co dot uk forward slash enrol form, enter!" Crayvaty said as he typed. Then, he selected the movie called Bad Luck, and searched through the spots to see if he could get main character.
But Mitch had just taken the spot.

Crayvaty was dissapointed, but he quikly scrolled down to his name. He managed to enrol as himself. "Well honey," he said that night to his wife while they were in bed, "I'm going to the U.K tomorrow." BANG! Crayvaty had been hit! "NO!" She shouted back. "Why are people now using fire entenguishers as weapons?" Crayvaty asked in his dazed position.

Soon, they finally settled on the trip to the U.K. When Crayvaty got there, he saw Peter. He stormed over to him. "THAT MOVIE WAS NOT YOURS!" Crayvaty screeched
"It wasn't. Mitch signed it in as me."
"More like you STOLE it! I'm right, am I?"
"Dead wrong, fatso."
"WHY YOU LITTLE--" Crayvaty started strangling Peter like Homer does to Bart. "Hey!" Peter screamed in a choked voice. "You can't do that! Only Homer can! And anyway, I just came back from Antarctica!"

Crayvaty got so frustrated, that he ran onto the set, set fire to everything, and then smashed the camera. He went beserk. After that, he walked to the director. "Give me your money." Crayvaty said like one of those lesser robbers in the movies.  The director facepalmed. "If you're going to be a robber, you have to go next door."

Crayvaty walked over to the next scene, were the director was explaining how the scene would go for the actors. He saw the propmaster pour money into the cashier. "Money..." Crayvaty thought. When no-one was looking, he ran, grabbed the cashier, and went to the airplane ready for his departure back to the U.S.A.

Soon, he made it home. "I wonder how much money is in here?" he wondered. "$1000? 2000? I've gotta check." Crayvaty was shocked when he saw what he had. Monopoly money. "ARGH!" Crayvaty screamed.

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