Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Farming fish retell

There was this boy that lived in Makira, Solomon Islands. In his village they eat fish most of the time, when the weather is good. If it’s bad, most of the time they have to go without it. But they don’t get much food from shops, as the plant and harvest it.

Their cheif Isaiah, thought that they should make ponds using the river, pipes, and some hole that they could dig. Most people in village thought that he was crazy. But soon everyone decided to help build the 3 ponds.

It took a year & a half to dig the holes, and it took 10 days to fill. Once that was done, they put some mudfish in. The people of the village hoped that they’d survive(the fish), and they did. Three years later, after feeding the fish, they were ready to eat. Adam Pryor,(the boy) siad that he was glad that his uncle (Isiah) manged to make it that people could go fishing everyday.

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