Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Mitch Jane Mouse Pt 2: The attack of the butterfingers

Most of you might've read the story of M.J.M. Now, he's back again, and this time it involves butter!

"Are you done with the sculpture?" N.J.M asked. "No, and I don't really understand it." M.J.M replied. "Why does the sculpture of you and me have to be made of *gag* butter!? It's offensive!" Then, Ryan Gaylord Rat walked in.

"It's a sculpture of you two, because you saved the planet, and it's made of butter, because you lost the cheese. Understood?" Ryan said. "Understood." M.J.M mumbled grumpily. Ryan left the room. N.J.M stared at the butter sculpture. "HEY!" N.J.M yelled. "Why am I making a weird face!?" M.J.M replied "Because you always did that whenever someone took your photo." "I've changed since then!" N.J.M screeched at M.J.M.

3 minutes of changing N.J.M's face later, M.J.M had finally finished. "Phew!" he puffed tiredly. As he left the room, a zombie sneaked in. It was a baby one, but it was smart. Using a ray that worked on his life energy, he brought the sculpture to life. The evil B.M.J.M (Butter Mitch Jane Mouse), and B.N.J.M (Butter Notch Jane Mouse), went out to cause mayhem. Meanwhile, the little zombie slowly died, as he had no more life energy.

M.J.M went for a walk, while N.J.M played Minecraft. "M O U S E! M O U S E! M O U S E and Mouse was his name! Ho!" (<--To the tune of BINGO) M.J.M sung. Then, whack! M.J.M had been hit by the Butter M.J.M. M.J.M tried desperatley to get away, but the butter version of him had absorbed him.

B.M.J.M then transformed. He still had the same look as before, but he was now real. No more butter. But he could still absorb.

Meanwhile, B.N.J.M had gone on the lookout. He saw Notch Jane Mouse distracted. So he came in, and hit Notch. Notch fought back. But since the butter man was made out of butter, Notch couldn't hit him without causing any damage.

Notch couldn't do anything. The butter version of him picked up his toaster, and threw it at him. Notch barely dodged it. "YOU DON'T HAVE TO GO THAT FAR!!" Notch screamed at the butter him. DING! An overcooked piece of toast bounced out the half-damaged toaster and landed perfectly into Notch's hand. "Here goes," Notch said, taking aim.

He threw it at B.N.J.M. The butter man didn't bother to dodge. The toast hit him right in the stomach. Luckily for Notch, the toast started to dissolve the butter him. It screamed, all the way until there was just some toast. With butter on it.

By that time, Evil Mitch walked in. "Mitch! I am soooooooooooooooooo glad to see you!" Notch yelled. "You will not belive what happened! First there was this..." "You need to calm down." Evil Mitch interrupted. "Let's go get a cheese milkshake." "Okay," Notch replied suspicously. "You're paying." "Fine." Evil Mitch replied grumpily. "That's better." Notch said cheerfully. "Let's go."

When they got to the place, Evil Mitch put his hand on Notch's shoulder. He started to slowly put his butter fingers around Notch. Notch turned around in shock. "GET YOUR BUTTERFINGERS OFF ME!" Notch exclaimed. He ran. Where could he find some toast?

He was getting chased all over town. Unfortunatly, Notch wasn't as fit as Evil Mitch. So he ended up in an ally. The place that he would die. Instead, he got absorbed. Notch woke up in a butter paradise. Notch felt quesy. He stumbled around the palace until he hit Mitch. Notch turned around in shock. "Prove you're my brother." Notch asked cautiosly. "You hate butter." Mitch replied.

That was all that it took. Notch threw up, as he didn't want butter to be mentioned. Mitch was grossed. Notch was as well, but then he noticed something. A small piece of toast. Notch bent down, picked it up, and threw it at the butter palace.

Almost 12 minutes later, Mitch and Notch soon found themselves in the real world again. Except that they were covered in gooey butter. Notch started to spaz. "I'VE GOT BUTTER ON MEEEEE!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" "You need to calm down." Mitch interrupted. "Let's go get a cheese milkshake."

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