Friday, October 18, 2013

Organic Farming

There was this woman in 1984 who was farming. She used sprays like most farmers do these days. But  since her fruit didn't look good, nobody would buy it. So she decided to make juice with the plants instead.

That never got her enough money. So she tried something new. She stopped using sprays, and let nature do the work. The first few days were rough, though.

All the insect pests started to attack her fruit. She was tempted to spray them to death, but she restrained herself. A few days later, wasps and praying mantis's came and got rid of the pests themselves. Soon, more people came around to buy some fruit, but when they saw the insects they were terrified.

But soon more and more people tried organic farming, so then the buyers decided that they should buy from her as well. So soon she managed to gain enough money to live a nice life.

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