Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Plants vs Farmers

“Help me Mike! They’ve got me!” Joe shouted. “I don’t know what it takes to kill them!” Mike yelled back. How did this happen? Well...
A few days back two farmers named Mike and Joe had crops that were dying. They were desperate to stay in business, so they used a new spray. The first few days were good, but then the plants started to go strange. Joe wanted a photo of him and the plants, and after the photo was taken it started to wrap around his hand.

Soon after the crops started to drag their animals into the middle of the farm. Joe soon noticed what was happening, as a cat walking by got dragged in. He ran to tell Mike, but he wasn’t there. Then he heard a scream.

Mike pulled out his gun and shot the crops. No effect. The plants regenerated on the spot. “Sorry ‘bout this Joe.” Mike said
“What? What are you gonna do?”
“I’ve got one stick of dynamite.”
“Wait, are you going to USE that thing!?”
Mike threw the dynamite at Joe. BOOM! The crop burnt, but started to regenerate. Joe ran faster than Usain Bolt.

Mike watched the plants regenerate. He noticed that the crop that had been on Joe’s hand had been cut off completely. It didn’t grow back.

Mike ran to the shed. Joe was in the corner all crouched up. “Are th-they g-g-gone?” Joe ask worryingly. “No.” Mike replied. “WAAH!!!” Joe cried like a baby. “I want them to go away!”
“Don’t worry,” Mike said calmly. “I know what can kill them. That Machete that we used on the rice.” Joe jumped up. “You could’ve told me earlier.”

So the crop-cutting began. They cut everything. But then a crop grabbed Mike’s shoe. He took it off. But then the crop threw the shoe at Joe. Knockout.

The crops pulled the unconscious Joe into the middle. “You killed my friend!” Mike shouted angrily. “Now DIE!” Mike started cutting everything. He was full of rage.

When the cutting was done, Mike saw a deep pit. He grabbed a fence pole and some rope, so he could climb down safely. That’s when he saw everything the crops took. The bullet, the unconscious Joe, and his smelly shoe. But no animals.

Once Mike had gotten everything out, he noticed a tunnel. He crawled through it, and found out where the cows, sheep, pigs, and chicken went. They got taken on another farm.

The farm belonged to his step-brother. Mike climbed up. His brother saw him. He ran at Mike. “You found out my secret! Now I’ll kill you!” Mike stood there calmly. “I chopped up 1,000 mutant crops. Now I’ll chop you.”
When the cutting was done, the only part that wasn’t bloody was the soles of the big man’s feet. Mike went into his brothers barn. It was more of a chemistry lab.

“So he planned all of this.” Mike said, looking around. He walked back to his barn after realising that the whole thing was set-up. When he got home, Joe was there with the camera. “Say cheese!” Joe shouted, and took a photo.

“Nice photo,” Mike commented. “Should we put it on Google?” “Might as well.” Joe answered. Mike & Joe were so glad that their problems were over.
“Hey,” Mike asked. “Should we play Plants vs Zombies?”

Here is what Sean and I thought of my story. Click on it to make it bigger. If you cant see some blue in paticular places, it means I agreed with Sean.

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