Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The return of the U.F.O

Bardock and Notch were walking around the school amusement park. “They’ve outdone themselves.” Bardock told Notch. “Who would’ve known that our last day of the weekends is at school?” Notch didn’t reply. He was too busy running toward the ride of the day, the death ride.

It wasn’t actually a ride where you could die on. It was so scary that most people who rode didn’t want another turn. Notch was counting his money. “Well, best friend,” Notch told Bardock, “I have enough money for just me.” “Same here.” Bardock replied. Notch & Bardock leaned against the height measurement. They were tall enough to go on.

“Man, you two are lucky.” Said one of the rollercoaster staff. “You just got the last seats for the last ride.” “Woooooaah.” Notch and Bardock replied. Their eyes were big like saucers, and I think that there were stars glittering around their eyes.

Once they were in, the ride started off fast. Really fast. “Man, this is awesome!” Bardock shouted as the ride went on a quadruple loop-de-loop. Then, a laser flew out of the water and broke the track ahead.

The people on the ride were shrieking, shouting, crying, and Notch even wet his pants. The staff of the ride was chewing something, listening on his Ipod, and was getting drowsy.

The roller coaster pummeled into the water. Unfortunatly, the laser hit the part loop when it goes down, so they shot right in the water. SPLOOSH! The roller coaster shot it’s way down. Luckily for them, the rollercoaster had glass all around it in case this situation did happen.

“Look Notch!” Bardock shouted. There are sharks coming! Everyone heard. It was tiger sharks. And they were hungry. They kept banging on the glass(the sharks not the people), in hope to get in.

Rory was busy working on the spaceship that he got from E.T before he died. He heard the screams of the people. “What now?” he thought. “This can’t be good.” He turned on the long vision screen. All he saw was a mob a sharks.just banging their heads on something. He turned on Ultra-sound 3x. He heard Notch’s high pitched shriek. “If Notch is involved, it’s not gonna go well.”

Rory turned on the U.F.O’s swim mode, and off he went to the rescue. “I can’t use lasers, or missiles, or water bullets, because they will break the glass. Hmm...” Rory said to himself.

Rory looked at the control pad. Then he saw the transform button. “Of course!” I could make a sword fish! He transformed the ship, and the shark turned around they chased Rory. “Invisible mode!” Rory cried out as he pressed the button. The sharks couldn’t see Rory. But he could see them.

He killed the sharks, the swam over to save the freaked out people. Rory turned off the invisibility, grabbed the whole roller coaster, and flew out the water. “You’re brother saved us!” Bardock yelled. The staff asked Rory how the track broke. “I must’ve accidentally shot it.” Rory confessed.

So Rory flew Bardock and Notch home. “Man this is awesome!” Bardock told Notch. “A near death experience! Man, we should’ve done that again. “You like near death experiences, eh?” Rory butted in. “Here.” He shoved Notch and Bardock out the window.

“They should enjoy landing on the mountain!” He said cheerfully. He looked at them again. Bardock yelled, causing an avalanche. “Yeah,” Rory said with a scared expression. “They should like near death experiences.”

Here is what Lee and I thought of my story. Click on it to make it bigger. If you can’t see some blue in particular places, it means I agreed with Sean too.

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