Friday, October 25, 2013

Trip to Windy Wellington

After waking up at 5.40 a.m, and landing in Wellington after a very cool and freaky airline flight, we walked over to the Inland Revenue Department. The ambassadors were going to speak to the IRD (like I said before).

I was pretty nervous before we even got there. Partly because we were going to speak to them, but also the fact that the plane was shaking around. The flight was like any usual flight, nice and calm. But when we came to Wellington, the plane was shaking because of the wind. Hannah was getting scared and was breathing quickly.

"Calm down!" I said continously. "We'll make it out alive!" When we landed Hannah slowly started calming down.

When we walked into the IRD, we met a woman named Nicole. She led us to where we were speaking. Then, it was time to speak. It was like our normal speech, as we were really prepared. When it was over, we wrote this.

Soon after, we walked to Parliament. There was a mini tour that we went on. There were places like the debate chamber. We soon went into a room which was set up like the debate chamber, but was shrunken down. Our tour person was a man named Simon O'Connor. He was someone we spoke to earlier in the year because he is our member of parliament. He was telling us about Parliament.

Lesieli asked Simon if we could sit in the chair of the speaker. He replied with: "The fastest one can." So I sped over. It was pretty big, I have to say. Whenever I wanted to ask a question, Simon would say "Yes, Mister Speaker,"

After that, we got in a cab that went all the way to Te Papa. The first thing that was there was a ball spinning in water. We had a tour around, had lunch, then went to a gift shop, then got into these 2 rides. There was the high ride, where we went through different lives, and the low ride, where we went down to the ocean floor.

Afterwards, we went to the cable cars. Jordan took the last window seat. So I moved around on the car until I found another window seat. Once the car reached the top, we walked out side. And Mr Burt took some photos of us on the hill. IMAG0802.jpgSoon the cable car was ready.

Once that was over, we went off to the airport. While we waited for the airplane we had hot chips and some Coke. Finally, the plane came, which meant time to go. The plane flight was cool. Nice and calm, and I even got the window seat, so I could see Auckland from above. It was amazing. And the evening sky added even more coolness.

Outside the plane, were my parents. Waiting to pick me up. Wellington is really cool, but so windy!


  1. Hi Iisa. You all had a jam packed day according to your post! I'm glad that you did a good job sharing with people from the IRD. The two rides sound like a lot of fun. It's great that you and the rest of the PES ambassadors get to have a bit of a treat after all the presenting you've done this year. Have a good long weekend 'Mr Speaker'.
    Mrs Tele'a

  2. What a fabulous adventure Iisa. All that hard work was worth it. I hope the plane trip out of Wellington was not as windy!
    Miss Wood