Monday, December 30, 2013

Yesterday Pt 3: I SAID SLOW DOWN!!

"Ready?" I asked, looking left at Vaifoa and right and Jordan. "Okay, let's go."

VROOM!!! The car sped along the road. "3000... 4000... 4955... 5000 kilometers per hour!" Vaifoa shouted. "Now we go through time, it's our time to shine, ♪ why did I rhyme? ♫" Jordan sung. KRACK!! Lightning struck the rod. We teleported into a strange tunnel. "C'mon! 5 more seconds!!!" Jordan screamed. "WE WON'T MAKE IT!!!" Vaifoa sobbed.

  BANG!! We made it, but from the back lights and the rod never made it. "Oww..." Vaifoa moaned. He was sitting at the back, and his t-shirt got ripped. The time went back 87658.1 hours, meaning that we went back 2 months. We ran towards my house we peered through the hedge. I saw the man enter the door.

  I ran towards the man. I held his mouth, to make sure he couldn't scream for help. I tried to stay silent as well, but it was hard. The man kept struggling, so it was so hard to stay on.
"You... will... pay..." I heard the man struggle out of his covered mouth. He fell over, landing on my legs. THUMP!! I tried to keep the tears in.

  I think that my left leg got fractured. Jordan and Vaifoa ran to my aid. "Are you alright?" They asked. "Y-yep, I'm done for..." I gasped. I managed to get up, and I walked with Jordan and Vaifoa to the car. I was holding onto Jordan, just so the leg won't get any further damage.

  As we got to the car, Jordan asked a question. "Wait a minute... if you stopped the killer from killing your family, therefore you wouldn't have needed to go back in time, and then.." "Don't worry," I interuppted. "I never got to eat the 'BK® Quad Rodeo Stacker', and I always wanted to go back in time to eat one. So no worry!"

  I smiled. Everything turned out alright in the end. We drove over to Burger King®, and we all ate a 4 patty burger. As we set off to the car, it started to pour. Bang! Crack! Lightning storm. But when we got to the car, I noticed that the rod wasn't there.

  Flashback. We made it, but from the back lights and the rod never made it. I drove over with my allies to wherever a lightning rod was. I saw a sale in the corner of my eye. "Lightning rods on sale!" As we got closer to the store, Jordan told me about the store closing. I looked, and I saw a man closing the store.

  "No way am I gonna give up!" I shouted. "We're going at 5500 kilometres per hour!" Jordan shouted. "SLOW DOWN!! YOU'RE GOING TO KILL US!!!" BANG!! BOOM CRASH!! TUMBLE!! "OW!!" SNAP!! SCREECH!! "AAARRGGGH!!!" Jordan cried. The explosion sent us pummeling into the air.

  "I SAID SLOW DOWN!!!" Jordan screamed.
Now we were falling from the sky, to our death...

225th blogpost

Never had I thought I'd reach this number of posts. I mean, in year 4 I ended the year with around 56 posts. In year 5 I wrote 56 posts(again). Now I'm going over 122 posts! It's amazing, really. Also, I got 11,100 views today!

Thanks for all the support that you've given me. I hope to writing more of these special blogposts.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Yesterday Pt 2: Harder than it looks...

The man who killed my family was right at our doorstep. He took one step inside. “You’re dead.” He scoffed...

I slowly walked backwards. There was no escape. "ASSASINATION!!!!" Vaifoa shouted as he jumped out from behind me. He smashed my netbook hard on the murderer's head. "DIE!!!" He screamed. Instead of killing him, he minorly injured the man and knocked him out of consciousness.

  Vaifoa was panting. "I... need some vanilla ice cream...." Vaifoa panted. I stared at him. "We only have Hokey Pokey." I replied.
"Cl-close enough. Ha.... ha.... haa... yep, let's go back in time." Vaifoa chuckled.
"You broke the keyboard, so..."
"So what?"
"You have any money on ya?"
"12... 20... $25. A keyboard costs $60 at least."
"I have $30. That's $55. But to build everything else would be around $70,000." Vaifoa stood there, his jaw just hanging. "C'mon," I called. "Let's go."

  And so we went on our trek to find $5. As we walked around, I saw a sign. "Help Wanted" it said. The resturant needed 3 more chefs. As Vaifoa & I walked in, someone else caught my eye. Jordan. "Hey!" I shouted to Jordan. "What're you doing here? I don't see your family." "I'm getting a job here." Jordan replied. "How much money do you have?" I asked. "Around about... $25,000." Jordan boasted.

  "Vaifoa, wake up!! We don't have time to faint! He has $25000, and we can work together to reach $70,000!!! Just... wake up." I shouted, slapping Vaifoa multiple times in the face. I told him about how we all signed up, and how we can easily get $74,945.

  It was way harder than expected. First of all, none of us knew how to fry fish without getting burnt, or how to make chips as perfect as possible. Somehow, we managed it, and in the end. We got seventy-four thousand, nine hundred and forty dollars before we got fired. As we all walked outside, I questioned Jordan. I asked if he had the unique part, and he did!

  We walked over, grabbed the part, and bought the things we needed. As we walked home, I saw $5.  "WE GOT $70,000!!!!" I screeched. Jordan did a facepalm. "Don't say that stuff or people will rob us." We went to my house, and got constructing.

  A month or two later, we had the car. We waited until a thunderstorm started, and when it did, we got to the best road for it. "Ready?" I asked, looking left at Vaifoa and right and Jordan. "Okay, let's go."

Friday, December 27, 2013

Never the same

Christmas. You'd expect people getting presents in the morning, spending time with the family and all that stuff. My Christmas was different. My family got up, got dressed, and drove to my cousins house. The presents were pretty massive. But to while the time, my cousins and I played with the Nerf guns in their backyard. The backyard was basically a jungle. So there were plenty places to camouflage.

After getting shot in the eye close-range and losing every game, it was time to come in. We were about to have lunch. There were so many different types of food. After our food, it was present time. In all I got 4 presents. A Lego City airplane, a Lego City cement mixer, a fire truck, and Dairy Of A Wimpy Kid #8 : Hard Luck.

Once we packed those away, we had dessert, and once we were all filled up, we went on a journey. Mitch & I had a race. Mitch had the upper hand, as he was on his scooter. But I kept up with him. At home, we played a few more games, then left.

I tell you, there's only so much fun you can have when you're pooped out after racing a guy on a scooter.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Prizegiving: Take 6

"And 100% attendance goes to... Jordan Alofi and Iron Talia!" Mr Burt shouted. I cheered for Jordan as he walked up the red carpet. In case you haven't figured out, it was prizegiving. Once they walked down, Mr Burt moved onto the next awards.

After those awards, it was the ones we were all waiting for. Academics. "3rd place, Jordenne Etuati!" Mr Burt called. "2nd ... Iisa Salie!" Mr Burt shouted. "2nd place eh?" I muttered while walking up the red carpet. I could barely hear myself, as everyone was cheering and clapping. "And 1st place..." Mr Burt called, "ANA VA'AFUSUANGA!!" Mr Burt screeched at the top of his lungs. Although Ana had beat me, I wondered. Why should I be disappointed? I've come 3rd before.

So I stayed all brightened up, and carried on with our item. It was pretty tough. I mean, getting filmed, having many, many people watching, I don't know how I managed. When prizegiving was over, I checked all my awards. I had 2nd place in academics, I was the #1 male PENN presenter, I was an ambassador, and I won Outstanding Digital Animations.

So maybe I could get more awards next year?

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Stained glass

Netbook reflection 2013

There have been a lot of things that I have learnt this year, mostly from my teacher. One of those things was about Antarctica. I wouldn’t know about the weather there. What I mean is that I never expected the wind to be gusting everywhere, or it being really dark.

But that’s not all. I’m really glad that I have the internet at home as well, because if I didn’t, then I wouldn’t have gotten to check something that my dad taught me. Earlier in the year, my dad asked me if I knew who Ozymandias was. I didn’t know at all, but I searched it up. I ended up finding the poem of Ozymandias. That was something I couldn’t have done without the internet.

But it wasn’t all me getting help. I found out some things by myself. One of those things was the Reichstag. It is located in Berlin, the capital of Germany. It was bombed in World War II, but was then rebuilt with cut stone bearing masonry, glass and steel. Most of the glass is found at the top which forms a dome shaped observatory. Once again, I wouldn’t have known all that if it weren't for the internet. Here is the link to the movie I made about it.

I’ve learnt a lot by the internet, and I want to learn more. Having the internet at school and at home has been a real privilege. My goal is to become an engineer, and a scientist. Maybe I could become one, but I might need some help. And if I'm in a place with no people who can help, I can always use the internet.

Yesterday Intro

If you had to go back in time to save something that meant a lot to you, would you?

My day started as any normal one. I got up and dressed, and went to play Adventure Quest. While I was playing, the temperature kept rising. “Mom!” I shouted. “Can I open the door for air to come in?” My mom refused. She instead said that I could open the windows. But the windows wouldn't help. I opened the door.

I was busy video-chatting with my friend online when I heard a scream. Two screams. 3 screams. Then everything went silent. I ran to the kitchen. I saw 3 dead bodies piled up. Mom, dad, and my elder sister. I looked up. “They didn’t suffer long.” said a man. He was dressed in black. My legs were trembling. I ran.

“YOU ARE COMING WITH ME!!” The man yelled. I managed to escape, but with minor scratches. I couldn’t live this way. As an orphan. I missed my family. “It’s all m-my fault.” I sobbed. I waited until it was right to come back in, and when I did, I heard my friend. “Hey!” Vaifoa shouted. I’m still here you know!” I didn’t reply. I walked over towards my netbook to shut it off.

As I was about to, I got an email. It said “Make your very own time machine with this blueprint! 1 unique part that can never be made or rebuilt needed. If you have it, make this time machine!”

I looked at the blueprint. I had most of the necessary parts, except for the unique part and a keyboard. I looked at my netbook. I ripped it off. “Hey! What are you doing!?” Vaifoa screeched. “My family is dead because of MY ignorance.” I called back with tears pouring out of my eyes. “This is my chance to save them. So are you helping?”

Vaifoa came shortly after. I printed the blueprint. “We can make it that!” I said, cheering up. “But, look at the small print. All the dangers. WE COULD LOSE OUR MOLECULAR BEING!!” Vaifoa shouted. “So?” I replied optimistically. “We’ll still be alive, just stuck in spacetime with nothing to do.” “I... I’m not sure.” Vaifoa whispered.

“Let’s go get us a tridecahedron circuit battery.” I called. We left. As I opened the door, disaster struck. The man who killed my family was right at our doorstep. He took one step inside. “You’re dead.” He scoffed.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

How we get it Episode 7: Milk

This is an animation about how we get milk. This is my 7th animation about this. Please leave a comment.
How We Get It Episode 7: Milk from Team 4 Pes on Vimeo.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Pokémon Vortex

Many people in my class play Pokémon Vortex, and I don't. But I decided that if they play it so much, why not make a presentation?