Friday, December 27, 2013

Never the same

Christmas. You'd expect people getting presents in the morning, spending time with the family and all that stuff. My Christmas was different. My family got up, got dressed, and drove to my cousins house. The presents were pretty massive. But to while the time, my cousins and I played with the Nerf guns in their backyard. The backyard was basically a jungle. So there were plenty places to camouflage.

After getting shot in the eye close-range and losing every game, it was time to come in. We were about to have lunch. There were so many different types of food. After our food, it was present time. In all I got 4 presents. A Lego City airplane, a Lego City cement mixer, a fire truck, and Dairy Of A Wimpy Kid #8 : Hard Luck.

Once we packed those away, we had dessert, and once we were all filled up, we went on a journey. Mitch & I had a race. Mitch had the upper hand, as he was on his scooter. But I kept up with him. At home, we played a few more games, then left.

I tell you, there's only so much fun you can have when you're pooped out after racing a guy on a scooter.

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