Monday, December 23, 2013

Prizegiving: Take 6

"And 100% attendance goes to... Jordan Alofi and Iron Talia!" Mr Burt shouted. I cheered for Jordan as he walked up the red carpet. In case you haven't figured out, it was prizegiving. Once they walked down, Mr Burt moved onto the next awards.

After those awards, it was the ones we were all waiting for. Academics. "3rd place, Jordenne Etuati!" Mr Burt called. "2nd ... Iisa Salie!" Mr Burt shouted. "2nd place eh?" I muttered while walking up the red carpet. I could barely hear myself, as everyone was cheering and clapping. "And 1st place..." Mr Burt called, "ANA VA'AFUSUANGA!!" Mr Burt screeched at the top of his lungs. Although Ana had beat me, I wondered. Why should I be disappointed? I've come 3rd before.

So I stayed all brightened up, and carried on with our item. It was pretty tough. I mean, getting filmed, having many, many people watching, I don't know how I managed. When prizegiving was over, I checked all my awards. I had 2nd place in academics, I was the #1 male PENN presenter, I was an ambassador, and I won Outstanding Digital Animations.

So maybe I could get more awards next year?

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