Thursday, December 12, 2013

Yesterday Intro

If you had to go back in time to save something that meant a lot to you, would you?

My day started as any normal one. I got up and dressed, and went to play Adventure Quest. While I was playing, the temperature kept rising. “Mom!” I shouted. “Can I open the door for air to come in?” My mom refused. She instead said that I could open the windows. But the windows wouldn't help. I opened the door.

I was busy video-chatting with my friend online when I heard a scream. Two screams. 3 screams. Then everything went silent. I ran to the kitchen. I saw 3 dead bodies piled up. Mom, dad, and my elder sister. I looked up. “They didn’t suffer long.” said a man. He was dressed in black. My legs were trembling. I ran.

“YOU ARE COMING WITH ME!!” The man yelled. I managed to escape, but with minor scratches. I couldn’t live this way. As an orphan. I missed my family. “It’s all m-my fault.” I sobbed. I waited until it was right to come back in, and when I did, I heard my friend. “Hey!” Vaifoa shouted. I’m still here you know!” I didn’t reply. I walked over towards my netbook to shut it off.

As I was about to, I got an email. It said “Make your very own time machine with this blueprint! 1 unique part that can never be made or rebuilt needed. If you have it, make this time machine!”

I looked at the blueprint. I had most of the necessary parts, except for the unique part and a keyboard. I looked at my netbook. I ripped it off. “Hey! What are you doing!?” Vaifoa screeched. “My family is dead because of MY ignorance.” I called back with tears pouring out of my eyes. “This is my chance to save them. So are you helping?”

Vaifoa came shortly after. I printed the blueprint. “We can make it that!” I said, cheering up. “But, look at the small print. All the dangers. WE COULD LOSE OUR MOLECULAR BEING!!” Vaifoa shouted. “So?” I replied optimistically. “We’ll still be alive, just stuck in spacetime with nothing to do.” “I... I’m not sure.” Vaifoa whispered.

“Let’s go get us a tridecahedron circuit battery.” I called. We left. As I opened the door, disaster struck. The man who killed my family was right at our doorstep. He took one step inside. “You’re dead.” He scoffed.

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