Saturday, December 28, 2013

Yesterday Pt 2: Harder than it looks...

The man who killed my family was right at our doorstep. He took one step inside. “You’re dead.” He scoffed...

I slowly walked backwards. There was no escape. "ASSASINATION!!!!" Vaifoa shouted as he jumped out from behind me. He smashed my netbook hard on the murderer's head. "DIE!!!" He screamed. Instead of killing him, he minorly injured the man and knocked him out of consciousness.

  Vaifoa was panting. "I... need some vanilla ice cream...." Vaifoa panted. I stared at him. "We only have Hokey Pokey." I replied.
"Cl-close enough. Ha.... ha.... haa... yep, let's go back in time." Vaifoa chuckled.
"You broke the keyboard, so..."
"So what?"
"You have any money on ya?"
"12... 20... $25. A keyboard costs $60 at least."
"I have $30. That's $55. But to build everything else would be around $70,000." Vaifoa stood there, his jaw just hanging. "C'mon," I called. "Let's go."

  And so we went on our trek to find $5. As we walked around, I saw a sign. "Help Wanted" it said. The resturant needed 3 more chefs. As Vaifoa & I walked in, someone else caught my eye. Jordan. "Hey!" I shouted to Jordan. "What're you doing here? I don't see your family." "I'm getting a job here." Jordan replied. "How much money do you have?" I asked. "Around about... $25,000." Jordan boasted.

  "Vaifoa, wake up!! We don't have time to faint! He has $25000, and we can work together to reach $70,000!!! Just... wake up." I shouted, slapping Vaifoa multiple times in the face. I told him about how we all signed up, and how we can easily get $74,945.

  It was way harder than expected. First of all, none of us knew how to fry fish without getting burnt, or how to make chips as perfect as possible. Somehow, we managed it, and in the end. We got seventy-four thousand, nine hundred and forty dollars before we got fired. As we all walked outside, I questioned Jordan. I asked if he had the unique part, and he did!

  We walked over, grabbed the part, and bought the things we needed. As we walked home, I saw $5.  "WE GOT $70,000!!!!" I screeched. Jordan did a facepalm. "Don't say that stuff or people will rob us." We went to my house, and got constructing.

  A month or two later, we had the car. We waited until a thunderstorm started, and when it did, we got to the best road for it. "Ready?" I asked, looking left at Vaifoa and right and Jordan. "Okay, let's go."

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