Monday, December 30, 2013

Yesterday Pt 3: I SAID SLOW DOWN!!

"Ready?" I asked, looking left at Vaifoa and right and Jordan. "Okay, let's go."

VROOM!!! The car sped along the road. "3000... 4000... 4955... 5000 kilometers per hour!" Vaifoa shouted. "Now we go through time, it's our time to shine, ♪ why did I rhyme? ♫" Jordan sung. KRACK!! Lightning struck the rod. We teleported into a strange tunnel. "C'mon! 5 more seconds!!!" Jordan screamed. "WE WON'T MAKE IT!!!" Vaifoa sobbed.

  BANG!! We made it, but from the back lights and the rod never made it. "Oww..." Vaifoa moaned. He was sitting at the back, and his t-shirt got ripped. The time went back 87658.1 hours, meaning that we went back 2 months. We ran towards my house we peered through the hedge. I saw the man enter the door.

  I ran towards the man. I held his mouth, to make sure he couldn't scream for help. I tried to stay silent as well, but it was hard. The man kept struggling, so it was so hard to stay on.
"You... will... pay..." I heard the man struggle out of his covered mouth. He fell over, landing on my legs. THUMP!! I tried to keep the tears in.

  I think that my left leg got fractured. Jordan and Vaifoa ran to my aid. "Are you alright?" They asked. "Y-yep, I'm done for..." I gasped. I managed to get up, and I walked with Jordan and Vaifoa to the car. I was holding onto Jordan, just so the leg won't get any further damage.

  As we got to the car, Jordan asked a question. "Wait a minute... if you stopped the killer from killing your family, therefore you wouldn't have needed to go back in time, and then.." "Don't worry," I interuppted. "I never got to eat the 'BK® Quad Rodeo Stacker', and I always wanted to go back in time to eat one. So no worry!"

  I smiled. Everything turned out alright in the end. We drove over to Burger King®, and we all ate a 4 patty burger. As we set off to the car, it started to pour. Bang! Crack! Lightning storm. But when we got to the car, I noticed that the rod wasn't there.

  Flashback. We made it, but from the back lights and the rod never made it. I drove over with my allies to wherever a lightning rod was. I saw a sale in the corner of my eye. "Lightning rods on sale!" As we got closer to the store, Jordan told me about the store closing. I looked, and I saw a man closing the store.

  "No way am I gonna give up!" I shouted. "We're going at 5500 kilometres per hour!" Jordan shouted. "SLOW DOWN!! YOU'RE GOING TO KILL US!!!" BANG!! BOOM CRASH!! TUMBLE!! "OW!!" SNAP!! SCREECH!! "AAARRGGGH!!!" Jordan cried. The explosion sent us pummeling into the air.

  "I SAID SLOW DOWN!!!" Jordan screamed.
Now we were falling from the sky, to our death...

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  1. I just love your entertaining and very special stories. What will happen next?
    I do truly believe that you may be certifiably crazy though! I guess that's what make Iisa, Iisa.
    Keep up the fabulous holiday imagination.