Saturday, January 11, 2014

Yesterday Pt 4: Stuck in space-time with nothing to do

"Wheeeee..... This is so cool!!" Vaifoa laughed. "YOU FIND THIS FUNNY!!??" Jordan screamed, while tusseling through the air.
"Well," Vaifoa said, "I kinda have a parachute..." On Vaifoa's back was the ripped shirt, and he used it as a parachute. "Gimme some!!" Jordan shouted. "No." Vaifoa replied.

  "WHY YOU LITTLE--" RRRIIPP!! the shirt ripped into pieces. Jordan and Vaifoa stared at each other, knowing that it would be best not to say anything. The store got closer and closer.

  BANG!!! I landed in the cushion zone of the store, right in the massive piles of pillows. Vaifoa landed in the fruit section, and landed right in all the oranges. Jordan landed in the beer section, and I think he even cracked a bone.

  "Jordan!" I shouted as I ran towards him. "You alright?" "Y-yep...." He slowly replied. "Never better Uncle Joe... Say, i-is it a school day? Because I want to impress my dad by aceing the test..." "Is he... drunk?" Vaifoa asked. "Hey..." Jordan said, waking up. "If your family never died, would you still have gone back in time?" "YUP!!" I answered cheerfully.

  We found the car, got a rod, and remade the car. We drove off. KRACK!! Lightning struck the rod, and we were off. "Almost there.." Jordan said. "AAA!!!" screamed Vaifoa. He fell off the car. I shouted.
"We have to tur--"
"No! we don't have enough time!"
"But--" ZWOOP!! we came out, back into our time. "We lost Vaifoa..." said Jordan.
"Not yet."
"He's just stuck in space-time with nothing to do."

  "Well then, better hurry!" We waited for rain to start, but it didn't. A few days later, I felt some rain. then I heard thunder. I got Jordan, and we drove. "4950 km/ph!" I read out loud. With a crack and a zwoop, we entered the space-time thingy. Jordan grabbed Vaifoa, and I made a U turn. Jordan never pulled Vaifoa back up, so he was scraping on the ground.

  "Ow!! ARRGGH!! GUH!! G-GET ME UP FROM HERE!!" Vaifoa screamed. ZWOOP!! We did it. We rescued my family and Vaifoa, and I also got a 4 patty burger. I was pleased with how everything turned out. But Jordan and Vaifoa, wern't. As they got off the car, they started to argue.

  "You dragged me on purpose!! What if it was you getting dragged!?!" Vaifoa shouted. "Oh shut up!! You were too heavy!! You're too fat! Lose some weight, will ya?" Jordan yelled back. They argued backwards and forwards. I walked home, to my family. Being with my family is something priceless.

  The next day, when I went to school, I noticed Jordan and Vaifoa still arguing. "The'll learn." I muttered.

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