Friday, February 28, 2014

Statistics of favourites in Class 2

In our class (class 2) we were creating surveys about everybodies favourite food, colour, TV show, sport and animal. Once we gathered the information, we made tally charts about the information we received. We then made pie charts and bar graphs showing what we got.

Based on the information on the graph and chart, I can say that most people have butter chicken as their favourite food. Chicken, on the other hand, is only 5 people’s favourites. In par with chicken, is sushi. Noodles and ramen are 2 people’s favourites. Korean food, the same. And other is the same amount as Pork and mince, at 4.

Looking at this other pie chart and bar graph, You can see that blue is the most popular colour, purple is runner up, and red and green are tied with only 3 people favouring those 2. 4 different colours make up ‘other’.

In this pie chart and bar graph, you can see that cats and the big cats were favoured by 9 people. The rhino had 3 people vote for it, and 3 people chose different. But the almost clear winners were dogs and puppies.

From the looks of these two information charts, I can say that rugby and touch are very popular in Class 2, leading at 11. Soccer and netball earned 2nd place with 8 votes. Basketball were only 3 people’s favourites. And with two votes, ‘other’ came last place.

Spongebob was only voted by 3 people, Home & away and Ellen drew with Regular show with 5 votes, and Shortland Street had 7 votes. There were only 4 others.

Picnic letter

This is to all the parent helpers at the picnic:

Dear parent helpers,

Thanks for coming along with our class to help with the picnic. If it weren't for you, our class might not have gone. The picnic always has to have parent helpers, so just by showing up, you did something significant. I mean, a few days ago we had absolutely 0 helpers. Well done on you.

In case you never knew, in the morning after the roll is taken, we always get into the hall, and sit in our class area with our hat and bag. Mr Burt goes over the rules, and the house teams go up and do their chant. When that's over, we head off to the beach.

For me, my highlight of that picnic was resting in my resting tree, mainly because that was what I did most of the time.

I don't think I could've had a highlight of that picnic if it weren't for you. Thanks!

Kind regards,


Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Toy task

One of our tasks for Term 1, is to create 3D toys for some of the little kids. To find out what toys to build, we travelled to the village.

The village is where lots of classes are put together. All the little kids are there.

In room 6, Mrs Langitupu sent about 2 children to a group of 3 seniors. Eric, Brandon & I got put with two boys by the name of Caleb and Paschall.

They were both 6 years of age. When we asked them “What is your favourite toy?”, they gave us many answers. Caleb’s were trains, cars, cooking sets, and spinning tops. Paschall’s were cop cars, cities, trains, and houses.

So now our task is to make those toys for the children. I wonder if I’m able to make it?

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Explanation - What is a netbook and how is it used?

A netbook is a piece of learning technology, as well as an electronic device. It is a mini version of a laptop computer, which is also portable. We use it as it’s a very good learning tool.

Our netbooks are made with many parts. A few of them are the speakers, keyboards, battery, screen, buttons, keypad, and the USB port.

Who uses it? Many people do. For example, it is used by companies, Manaiakalani schools, teachers, students, and parents as well. For us, we use it from year 4-8.

Where can you find it? You can find in classrooms, at stores like Dick Smith, JB Hi Fi, and Harvey Norman. At our school the netbooks get put in locked cupboards when they’re not needed.

How do we use it? Here’s your answer. We use it to share work items, for art, email, planning, researching, typing, work sites like Studyladder, Maths Whizz, and Xtramath.

Friday, February 14, 2014


Partway through assembly, was a movie. It was a mini Fiafia short. After the little film, some of the Hip-Hop dancers came on stage. They danced for a while, and once they came off, some adults who I had never known, did a follow up performance. The song they danced to started slow, then picked up speed. This was to remind us of how Fiafia was coming up again.

Once those performances were over, Gloria interviewed the Samoan dancers.  From what I heard, they started dancing when they were around 2-5, and they were inspired by their children. “Woah.” I thought. They showed us some moves, and Mr J volunteered to attempt the moves.

They came off stage, and when they did another item commenced. But instead of people dancing or singing, or anything like that, Mr Burt called up the Prefects, the Ambassadors, and the House Captains. They all got given badges. I have one of those from last year, when I was an Ambassador. “Ah, such fond memories.” I whispered to myself.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our New Chickens!

On Waitangi day, my family travelled to Orewa beach to have a good time and swim. But at our destination, we realised that weren't going to swim there. The tide rose to the rocks. Before we left, we went for a mini walk to McDonalds.

On the way there, the sand which was usually on the ground was blown at us. It was like walking in a snow storm. To conserve heat and energy, I huddled up next to my dad. It felt like we were gonna walk forever.

At Mcdonalds, my parents had a hot cup of coffee, and we all went for another walk. My stomach was groaning with hunger. I could barely go on. After a few more minutes of torture, we reached a fish and chips shop.

We got some food, then made our departure back. On the way, we went to New World for some supplies. On the way out, my parents noticed a sign on a board. It read; Chickens for sale. "Right." said dad. We got in our car, and drove over to some unknown address in the middle of nowhere. I thought they were joking.

We drove over this dodgy bridge and a few meters towards a house. Me, Mariam, and dad got out and went to get the chickens. By then I realised that they weren't. There was mini chihuahua which ran towards us.

"That's a teacup chihuahua." informed dad. The owners took us to the chickens' coop. We asked for six. At home, dad made a small coop for the chicks to be in for the time being. We then named them. The brightest one, is named M.G.

It stands for Michael Goldie. Less bright, are Smarty and Leaf. Smarty got his name from being the first chick to bite a piece of string we put in there. Darker, are the Marble Twins. And the darkest one of all is Boris.

A few days later, dad made a more miniature coop for the chicks. So now when I have the chance, I check up on them. I like my chicks.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Duffy Theatre

I was waiting in the hall with all of year 6, 7, and 8. We waited for a while. “Where are they?” I asked impatiently. “I don’t know.” replied Brandon. “And then the mighty king went to gather all the things necessary to make the perfect colour!” Duffy read as he walked down the aisle.

The Duffy Theatre had started. Duffy got startled when he saw us sitting there. “Wo-- wha?” He called. “Oh, um... I’m sorry, I got caught up in this book! It’s called the ‘King Of Colours’.” Duffy was dressed in a robe with books all attached on it.
All of a sudden the hall’s temperature dramatically rose. Everybody started sweating.

Duffy asked us if we knew the Duffy song. We did, so we all sung the Duffy song together. Duffy hung up his book robe. When the song was over, a girl popped out from behind a board. She introduced herself. “Hi my name is Rosie I like reading do you like reading Duffy taught me how to read Scruffy is my reading partner.” She spluttered very quickly.

“Well then,” I thought. Rosie and Duffy got into a conversation about Duffy’s uncle Bingo. From what they were saying, Bingo is the best tackler in the entire rugby world. But isn’t good at not getting tackled. Then Bingo walked down the aisle, talking to ‘Lady Gaga’.

Duffy and Rosie told us about the competitions Bingo had been in. Duffy gave Bingo a book, but Bingo refused to read it. “I don’t do books.” he grumbled. Duffy, Rosie, and some year 6’s gasped. Duffy asked us if we knew what ‘I don’t do books’ meant. Everyone told him that Bingo didn’t like books.

So Duffy and Rosie made a book called ‘The Very Best Book’. They got everyone’s favourite story, and merged it into the book. When the got Bingo to open it, everyone’s favourite story popped out, engulfing Duffy, Rosie, and Bingo with words and pictures.

Once they got out, Bingo walked to the airport. Duffy and Rosie had failed. Bingo took Rosie’s book, which was wrapped in paper, and went off. Rosie read the rest of the book. “The king merged the colours and got a... a... ginormous catastrophe, as there is no such thing as the perfect colour.”

On the plane, Bingo got bored. he waited, but there was nothing to do. So he read Rosie’s book. At the finals, Bingo was running to make the final try to win the game, and all of a sudden, he started doing ballet. And somehow, using ballet, he scored a try!

When he got interviewed, he said that he couldn’t have done it without reading a book. So Rosie and Duffy were delighted. “Put on the robe, duffy!” cheered Rosie.
“No.” replied Duffy. He put the robe on Rosie. “It’s your book he read. And that’s all!!” The Duffy show had come to an end. As we all walked out, the trio sang the Duffy song. “Gonna read it, read about it, I’m a Duffy kid and so proud of it!” I heard as we walked out of the hall.

Friday, February 7, 2014

What does Waitangi Day mean to me?

What does Waitangi day mean to me? Not much, really. To me it’s just like the weekends except shorter. But I like it as we get a day off school.

I know that Waitangi day is a day when the British and the Maori signed a treaty to stop the wars happening, but it just isn’t really something I’m proud about, since they needed a treaty to stop the war.

Waitangi day might mean a lot to some people, and nothing to others, but I guess my opinion is in the middle. It’s just a day when I rest.  But if I were involved in that event, I might treat it differently.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The 3 P's

Do you know the 3 P’s? In case you don’t know, I’ll tell you. They are Protection, Partnership, and Participation. This relates to the Treaty of Waitangi, and we use this at school. This is what the 3 P’s mean.

PROTECTION: Caring, looking after gear, being Cybersmart, stopping fights, looking after your netbook, and people if they get hurt. If people are harassing someone else, and you come in and defend them, then you’re protecting them. That’s another example of protection.

PARTNERSHIP: Being a real good team member, teamwork, unity, and much more. Our school’s Meet The Teacher and Home-school Partnership also have to do with partnership. It’s when the parents and teachers get up to date with the things happening at school.

PARTICIPATION: Our final P: Participation. It means giving everything a go, joining in, volunteering, and trying out for things, like sports teams, and fiafia groups. I may not know all the definitions of participation, but I know that it is the act of taking part or sharing in something.

And those are the 3 P’s, and what they mean.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


My holidays were pretty interesting. I could tell you lots and lots and lots about it, but I’ll stick with the highlights. One of them was going to the Coromandels.

 The people who came along were my parents, my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, and my sister and cousins. All we did was play tennis, lots of board games, hide-and-seek, go to the beach, and climb some rocks. At the beach, I got sunburnt.

 Another highlight was when my parents, my sister and I travelled to Mission Bay. But instead of using motorised vehicles, we cycled there. My family had a rest, and then we cycled back home.

 There were many hills, and after one steep hill, was a steep way down. After climbing the last hill, was a long, slope down. The lower I went, the faster I went. At one point my shirt was like a parachute! At the bottom of the hill, I almost hit a telephone pole.

 My final highlight was Christmas. I don’t celebrate it as it’s not in my culture, but my family goes over to Grandma’s house for my cousins and grandparents anyway. Out of all the gifts that there was, I got 4 presents. Those were Diary of a wimpy kid: Hard luck, a Lego City Firetruck and Cement mixer, and a Lego City Airplane.

 Out of all the things we did, not much was boring either. So, I guess that my holidays were above average. This makes me wonder.

 Will school be interesting like my holidays?

Sunday, February 2, 2014


Feeling bored? Well, I've got something for you. It's called Weavesilk. You pick any colours on the colour wheel, and draw. Here are some that I made, and also named.

 Left: Supernova
Right: Pentagon
Below: Genki-Dama

So if you want to have a go, here's the link!