Friday, February 14, 2014


Partway through assembly, was a movie. It was a mini Fiafia short. After the little film, some of the Hip-Hop dancers came on stage. They danced for a while, and once they came off, some adults who I had never known, did a follow up performance. The song they danced to started slow, then picked up speed. This was to remind us of how Fiafia was coming up again.

Once those performances were over, Gloria interviewed the Samoan dancers.  From what I heard, they started dancing when they were around 2-5, and they were inspired by their children. “Woah.” I thought. They showed us some moves, and Mr J volunteered to attempt the moves.

They came off stage, and when they did another item commenced. But instead of people dancing or singing, or anything like that, Mr Burt called up the Prefects, the Ambassadors, and the House Captains. They all got given badges. I have one of those from last year, when I was an Ambassador. “Ah, such fond memories.” I whispered to myself.

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