Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Duffy Theatre

I was waiting in the hall with all of year 6, 7, and 8. We waited for a while. “Where are they?” I asked impatiently. “I don’t know.” replied Brandon. “And then the mighty king went to gather all the things necessary to make the perfect colour!” Duffy read as he walked down the aisle.

The Duffy Theatre had started. Duffy got startled when he saw us sitting there. “Wo-- wha?” He called. “Oh, um... I’m sorry, I got caught up in this book! It’s called the ‘King Of Colours’.” Duffy was dressed in a robe with books all attached on it.
All of a sudden the hall’s temperature dramatically rose. Everybody started sweating.

Duffy asked us if we knew the Duffy song. We did, so we all sung the Duffy song together. Duffy hung up his book robe. When the song was over, a girl popped out from behind a board. She introduced herself. “Hi my name is Rosie I like reading do you like reading Duffy taught me how to read Scruffy is my reading partner.” She spluttered very quickly.

“Well then,” I thought. Rosie and Duffy got into a conversation about Duffy’s uncle Bingo. From what they were saying, Bingo is the best tackler in the entire rugby world. But isn’t good at not getting tackled. Then Bingo walked down the aisle, talking to ‘Lady Gaga’.

Duffy and Rosie told us about the competitions Bingo had been in. Duffy gave Bingo a book, but Bingo refused to read it. “I don’t do books.” he grumbled. Duffy, Rosie, and some year 6’s gasped. Duffy asked us if we knew what ‘I don’t do books’ meant. Everyone told him that Bingo didn’t like books.

So Duffy and Rosie made a book called ‘The Very Best Book’. They got everyone’s favourite story, and merged it into the book. When the got Bingo to open it, everyone’s favourite story popped out, engulfing Duffy, Rosie, and Bingo with words and pictures.

Once they got out, Bingo walked to the airport. Duffy and Rosie had failed. Bingo took Rosie’s book, which was wrapped in paper, and went off. Rosie read the rest of the book. “The king merged the colours and got a... a... ginormous catastrophe, as there is no such thing as the perfect colour.”

On the plane, Bingo got bored. he waited, but there was nothing to do. So he read Rosie’s book. At the finals, Bingo was running to make the final try to win the game, and all of a sudden, he started doing ballet. And somehow, using ballet, he scored a try!

When he got interviewed, he said that he couldn’t have done it without reading a book. So Rosie and Duffy were delighted. “Put on the robe, duffy!” cheered Rosie.
“No.” replied Duffy. He put the robe on Rosie. “It’s your book he read. And that’s all!!” The Duffy show had come to an end. As we all walked out, the trio sang the Duffy song. “Gonna read it, read about it, I’m a Duffy kid and so proud of it!” I heard as we walked out of the hall.

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