Tuesday, February 4, 2014


My holidays were pretty interesting. I could tell you lots and lots and lots about it, but I’ll stick with the highlights. One of them was going to the Coromandels.

 The people who came along were my parents, my grandparents, my aunt and uncle, and my sister and cousins. All we did was play tennis, lots of board games, hide-and-seek, go to the beach, and climb some rocks. At the beach, I got sunburnt.

 Another highlight was when my parents, my sister and I travelled to Mission Bay. But instead of using motorised vehicles, we cycled there. My family had a rest, and then we cycled back home.

 There were many hills, and after one steep hill, was a steep way down. After climbing the last hill, was a long, slope down. The lower I went, the faster I went. At one point my shirt was like a parachute! At the bottom of the hill, I almost hit a telephone pole.

 My final highlight was Christmas. I don’t celebrate it as it’s not in my culture, but my family goes over to Grandma’s house for my cousins and grandparents anyway. Out of all the gifts that there was, I got 4 presents. Those were Diary of a wimpy kid: Hard luck, a Lego City Firetruck and Cement mixer, and a Lego City Airplane.

 Out of all the things we did, not much was boring either. So, I guess that my holidays were above average. This makes me wonder.

 Will school be interesting like my holidays?

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