Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Our New Chickens!

On Waitangi day, my family travelled to Orewa beach to have a good time and swim. But at our destination, we realised that weren't going to swim there. The tide rose to the rocks. Before we left, we went for a mini walk to McDonalds.

On the way there, the sand which was usually on the ground was blown at us. It was like walking in a snow storm. To conserve heat and energy, I huddled up next to my dad. It felt like we were gonna walk forever.

At Mcdonalds, my parents had a hot cup of coffee, and we all went for another walk. My stomach was groaning with hunger. I could barely go on. After a few more minutes of torture, we reached a fish and chips shop.

We got some food, then made our departure back. On the way, we went to New World for some supplies. On the way out, my parents noticed a sign on a board. It read; Chickens for sale. "Right." said dad. We got in our car, and drove over to some unknown address in the middle of nowhere. I thought they were joking.

We drove over this dodgy bridge and a few meters towards a house. Me, Mariam, and dad got out and went to get the chickens. By then I realised that they weren't. There was mini chihuahua which ran towards us.

"That's a teacup chihuahua." informed dad. The owners took us to the chickens' coop. We asked for six. At home, dad made a small coop for the chicks to be in for the time being. We then named them. The brightest one, is named M.G.

It stands for Michael Goldie. Less bright, are Smarty and Leaf. Smarty got his name from being the first chick to bite a piece of string we put in there. Darker, are the Marble Twins. And the darkest one of all is Boris.

A few days later, dad made a more miniature coop for the chicks. So now when I have the chance, I check up on them. I like my chicks.

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