Friday, February 28, 2014

Picnic letter

This is to all the parent helpers at the picnic:

Dear parent helpers,

Thanks for coming along with our class to help with the picnic. If it weren't for you, our class might not have gone. The picnic always has to have parent helpers, so just by showing up, you did something significant. I mean, a few days ago we had absolutely 0 helpers. Well done on you.

In case you never knew, in the morning after the roll is taken, we always get into the hall, and sit in our class area with our hat and bag. Mr Burt goes over the rules, and the house teams go up and do their chant. When that's over, we head off to the beach.

For me, my highlight of that picnic was resting in my resting tree, mainly because that was what I did most of the time.

I don't think I could've had a highlight of that picnic if it weren't for you. Thanks!

Kind regards,


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