Friday, February 28, 2014

Statistics of favourites in Class 2

In our class (class 2) we were creating surveys about everybodies favourite food, colour, TV show, sport and animal. Once we gathered the information, we made tally charts about the information we received. We then made pie charts and bar graphs showing what we got.

Based on the information on the graph and chart, I can say that most people have butter chicken as their favourite food. Chicken, on the other hand, is only 5 people’s favourites. In par with chicken, is sushi. Noodles and ramen are 2 people’s favourites. Korean food, the same. And other is the same amount as Pork and mince, at 4.

Looking at this other pie chart and bar graph, You can see that blue is the most popular colour, purple is runner up, and red and green are tied with only 3 people favouring those 2. 4 different colours make up ‘other’.

In this pie chart and bar graph, you can see that cats and the big cats were favoured by 9 people. The rhino had 3 people vote for it, and 3 people chose different. But the almost clear winners were dogs and puppies.

From the looks of these two information charts, I can say that rugby and touch are very popular in Class 2, leading at 11. Soccer and netball earned 2nd place with 8 votes. Basketball were only 3 people’s favourites. And with two votes, ‘other’ came last place.

Spongebob was only voted by 3 people, Home & away and Ellen drew with Regular show with 5 votes, and Shortland Street had 7 votes. There were only 4 others.

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