Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Toy task

One of our tasks for Term 1, is to create 3D toys for some of the little kids. To find out what toys to build, we travelled to the village.

The village is where lots of classes are put together. All the little kids are there.

In room 6, Mrs Langitupu sent about 2 children to a group of 3 seniors. Eric, Brandon & I got put with two boys by the name of Caleb and Paschall.

They were both 6 years of age. When we asked them “What is your favourite toy?”, they gave us many answers. Caleb’s were trains, cars, cooking sets, and spinning tops. Paschall’s were cop cars, cities, trains, and houses.

So now our task is to make those toys for the children. I wonder if I’m able to make it?

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  1. Hi Iisa. This task sure sounds like a ton of fun! It's great to have interviewed your target audience for direction. I'm looking forward to updates on how this project goes.
    Mrs Tele'a