Monday, March 31, 2014

Life Symbols

This is my Mihi that I made in extension this term. My last Mihi that I made in year 4 wasn't as detailed as this one. Just to make sure you understand the symbols, I'll tell you.

The upper left symbol signifies that I'm learning Arabic. Why? Because I'm a Muslim. I know how to say hello in Arabic. Ahlan.

Underneath it, shows that I like rugby. I like watching it, not so much playing it. I also like playing soccer. I'm better than most people at school at it.

My family came from South Africa. Around 94% of my family that I know is South African. Recently my family has become NZ citizens.

Next to the flags, is chicken. I love the taste of roast chicken, which is why KFC is my favourite take-away restaurant.

Above it is technology. I love it. I have a netbook, which provides lots of entertainment, my family has an Ipad, and for my birthday I got a Nokia.

And in the middle, Shows how I think of myself. In case you need help understanding, I'll tell you. I rage a lot. Usually when I fail at Flappy Bird, I get angry quick and feel the need to break the thing in half.

And those are my life symbols! To view more extension Mihi's, click here.


  1. Hi Iisa. Thanks for sharing a little about yourself through your designs and explanations. I liked your artwork. You have an interesting background. Congrats for becoming a NZ citizen!

  2. I'm impressed with how you could communicate so many things through a single picture. Keep up the good work.

  3. You've done a great job explaining the different parts that make up you! Thanks for sharing these taonga with us Iisa.