Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Tamaki College Sports

On Thursday or Friday every week after Tech, our class goes down to Tamaki College for sports. Many of you may not know about this, so I’ll explain it to you.

Our activities are held at Tamaki College, GI. Most of the students who go there are Maori and Polynesian. Many of them went to our school before, or are related to some students in our school. Our tutors are year 12’s. They’re doing a sports leadership course for credits in NCEA.

We walk to Tamaki, as it’s just around the corner. Once we arrive, they put us into seven different groups of 10-12. It’s always mixed, and our 2 tutors give us different activities.

Some of the activities are electric fence, chain tag, relays, trust fall, orienteering, the Amazing Race, and the rope jump. Most of them involve teamwork, co-operation and participation.

Many of you may know why it is important for us to do this. The reason is so we lose weight, become fitter, reduce cholesterol levels, and to have fun!

Although some games involve thinking and those sorts of things, some games involve lots of strength. Like this one for example. One person had to stay up while hoisting the other person up, and so on around.

Another one, is a game called Treasure island. Using all your teammates, you have to get to the blue mat with a plank. The plank mustn't touch the ground, and you can’t either. To keep the set of wood up, other participants must stand on the wood to keep it up. And of course, the winning team is the one with all their team players on.
Tamaki College has quite a lot of games to play. They’re all interesting, and they most certainly manage to keep us occupied for an hour or so. Sport at Tamaki College really is awesome!

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