Friday, April 25, 2014

The Death Cases: Case 1: Poison

“She’s... poisoned.” whispered doctor Emma Jane. “What?” replied Sheriff Michael Jones. “Can’t be.”

The Death Cases.

Case 1: Poison

How did this happen? Let’s go to the beginning.
Michael and Abigail were friends since kindergarden. Even when they graduated from University, they were still friends. Michael was a shy boy, and Abigail was caring, but a loud-mouth as well. With the help of Abigail, Michael became a very famous cop.

Somewhere along they way, they soon separated. It was all because Michael was flirting with his doctor, Emma Jane. One night, Abigail’s family called for immediate service. Emma and Michael came, and investigated the mess.

“She’s... poisoned.” whispered Emma. “What?” replied Michael. “Can’t be.”
“It’s true. Arsenic in her urine proved it.”
“Wha.... A-Abigail...” sniffed Michael. He started to cry. “I-I w-will avenge you.” KABLONK!

The door ripped off it’s hinges. “What the heck!?” shouted Emma. There was a tornado whirling about. “Don’t worry!” Michael said. He pulled out his gun and started shooting the tornado.

It didn’t work. “Anymore bright ideas?” asked Emma. “I know!” Michael shouted. SMAKY! A lightbulb fell on his head. “Owww...” Michael groaned. “Are you alright?” asked Emma. “You seem to be killing yourself today.”

Michael walked away. He had to find the source. A flake fell on his hand. “Is this... arsenic?” He wondered. He ran to Emma. “It’s arsenic alright.” she answered.

Emma looked up. There was a nicely painted ceiling. Michael went around, looking for the answer. It turned out that there was arsenic in the paint. But the paint was made 1 year ago.

“We seem to have a 1 year-old case. Happy birthday!” Michael said. “Well,” said Emma, “I best get going.” When she reached the door, she screamed. Michael ran to her. “You alright?” Then he looked out.

The house had been picked up by the tornado. It picked up a paint can from the bin and flung it at the two of them. “I’ll catch it.” Michael heroically said. SMAKKY!! It hit his head, knocking him out.

“Good catch!” Emma shouted to the conked-out Michael. She inspected the can. It said : ‘JONSE’S PAINT: IT WORKS FASTER THAN DEATH CAN COME’. Emma jumped out of the house.

Wheeeee..... This is so cool!!" Emma laughed. "YOU FIND THIS FUNNY!!??" Michael screamed, while tussling through the air. “When did you get up?” asked Emma.
“I jumped out when you left.”
“Well that explains tha-” KA BOOM! They landed in Jonse’s paint store. Emma accused them, Michael cuffed them up, and the two of them took them to jail. “Case solved.” Emma said, pleased.

Michael and Emma find an old car on a deserted island. But it probably isn’t. There’s a house there, a hand poking out of one of the walls, and a U.F.O....

Anzac Morning Ceremony

"Wake up," I heard, half-asleep. I opened one eye. My grandparents were getting up and dressed. "We have to hurry." Grandpa said. So I did. When I was getting dressed, I remembered why we got up at 5 in the morning.

It was Anzac Day. We scrambled to the car fully dressed, and sped off. We got good parking, too. We raced over to where the memorial was held. It was hard to find a spot. There was so many people. I was surprised to see so many people my age there. I guess today was special for them as well. Soon we found a good spot to stand, and waited. The memorial was very cool. I wasn't bored a bit.

We sung quite a few times, listened to what the people had to say, and then it concluded with a one-minute silence. But besides all the intricate detail in the ceremony, I still got the main message. In case you haven't figured it out, it was to remember those who fought and died for us in Gallipoli. I'll remember them. Will you?

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Herobrine's Attack Pt 7: I hate cheese!

The Earth...

Wasn’t there. “OH COME ON!!! STUPID GPS!” I shouted.

Chapter 7: I hate cheese!

“Lost?” asked Vaifoa, half asleep. “Good guess!” I answered sarcastically. I glared at the GPS. It said EARTH. I looked closer. It said 34-TH. I looked up. The planet was there, but it was very small.

We had to keep going. As we left planet 34-TH, Jordan and Vaifoa fell asleep. No problem, except for the fact that they snore really loudly.

“ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!” They snored. I felt like falling asleep as well. “Stay...a-awake...” I thought. Unfortunatly, I couldn’t.

I woke up a few hours later. It would’ve been later, but snoring woke me up. I looked around through the glass. Then the GPS. We were on Earth, but we were stuck on an island.

The GPS said we were on a deserted island named Jazz island. There were two others very near. Those were named Anonymous Jazz, and Ghost Jazz. “Who writes this material?!” I thought.

Later, Vaifoa and Jordan woke up. “So, what happened and w..h..e..r..e we?” Jordan asked. “Jazz Island. I replied. “Where’s that?” asked Vaifoa, who was waking up. “Somewhere off the sea around Norway.” I answered. “Survival... where has this happened before?” asked Vaifoa sarcastically.

“Right here.” I
replied. “WHAT?” Vaifoa said heavily. “Yeah, look around.” I said. “See, the massive volcano which we never noticed, the old lava, the cave, and our house which is still somehow standing!”

“I think I’m missing something.” interrupted Jordan. The door by our house opened. We all stared at it. there was no wind to blow it open either. “Was that... PARANORMAL ACTIVITY?” Jordan asked. “Who’s gonna search?” I asked. “Paper scissors rock.” called Vaifoa. In the end, I lost. So I went to investigate.

I turned around, and I saw Jordan and Vaifoa panicking. “Scaredy cats.” I whispered, turning around. I was freaking out. Since I built the house with Lee, I knew where to go and stuff.

At one point I saw Lee’s corpse. It wasn’t in the same position as it was last time I saw him. “Who’s there!” I shouted like some cop in a panic room. I investigated further. At one point a painting caught my eye. “We never put one up there.” I said, squinting my eyes like a detective looking at something fishy.

I checked closer. Then it hit me. I ripped the painting off it’s hinges. And there he was. Staring at me was Herobrine.

“Should I be happy or sad?” I thought thoroughly to myself. I just found Herobrine. I started dancing. “I found Herobrine! I found H-herobrine!” I sung. I punched Herobrine. “Take that!” I exclaimed.

A few minutes later...

“AA-AAAHH!” I screamed, running away from herobrine. “Déjà vu!” I screeched. When I reached Jordan & Vaifoa, Herobrine stopped. “How are you alive!?” Jordan screamed. “I came back from the afterlife.” Herobrine answered.

“No fair! You’re in the wrong story, bub!” Vaifoa shouted. Herobrine ignored Vaifoa and turned on me. “I can’t pixelate anymore. I get really sick when I eat cheese. I hate cheese!

“Wait,” Jordan interrupted. “Herobrine has an allergy?” “What’s an allergy?” Herobrine asked. Jordan stood there, his jaw almost touching the ground. “What next!? He doesn’t know what a selfie is!?” “What’s a selfie?” Herobrine asked. “Can I kill him?” Jordan asked me. “Be my guest!” I replied. “Yay. AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!” Jordan screamed, running at Herobrine.

2 minutes later...

Jordan and Herobrine both lay down. They were both panting. Vaifoa ran up next to them. “And they’re both down!” He shouted. “1... 2... 3... It seems like a double knockout!” Herobrine grabbed Vaifoa’s leg. “AAAIIIEEE!!” Vaifoa screeched like a little girl.

A wall fell on Herobrine, enabling Vaifoa to fidget out of Herobrines grasp. “Thank you, God.” Vaifoa said, looking at the sky. I looked at the old house Lee and I made. One of the walls fell over.

“Um... person who fought Herobrine is still on the ground, and needs help.” Jordan puffed sarcastically. I helped Jordan get up. “Thanks.” he replied. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Jordan and I turned our heads at the wall on Herobrine.

Vaifoa was jumping up and down on the wall. “Take that!” He chuckled like an evil mastermind would. Herobrine’s hand ripped through the dirt and old wooden plank wall, and grabbed Vaifoa’s foot.

“WILL YOU STOP IT!!” Vaifoa screamed at the top of his lungs. “W-will y-you s-stop s-screaming?” Herobrine weakly replied.

SMACK!! The U.F.O fell on Herobrine.
“How did that happen!?” Vaifoa shouted, running away. "No more space tvael," I said, turning around. There was a massive zombie. 

It crunched Herobrine until blood splattered everywhere. The zombie turned to us. “Run. I’ll distract it.” I told Vaifoa and Jordan.

They obeyed, and ran away. I ran into the house. I looked at the table that had our work tools. THUMP! THUMP! The zombie was approaching the house. I found the iron pickaxe and gold sword. The zombie was crushing the house with it’s feet.

I smashed the glass and ran outside. Just in time, too. The house was crushed into smithereens. “You’re gonna have to pay for that!” I shouted. The zombie ignored me and picked me up. I threw the pickaxe in it’s eye. After it shed a few tears, it started to crush me.

“Oh come on! My bones had healed from falling!” I shrieked. I cut the zombie’s fingers off with the sword. Then, I jumped, ignoring the pain, and stabbed the zombie in it’s head. After panicking, it fell over, dead. “Yay,” I thought, falling down. I gulped.

“Wake up,” I heard, waking up. “Vaifoa found the time car on the furthest end of the island.” Jordan explained.

It turned out that the keys in the car had fallen out. I got in the driver’s seat, and we sped off. On the way, I smiled. We did it. KABONK! The car hit a small speed bump. That sent us flying. Into the air.

ZWOOP! We entered space-time. We weren’t going fast enough. “Everyone, get to the front!” I shouted. KABLAM!! The end of the car was gone. The 3 of us just made it. “Phew.” We all puffed synchronously. "No more time travel." I called.

We all walked home. “Only 2 seconds in the future.” I giggled. The others laughed as well. “Let’s not play Minecraft for a while.” I said to the others, walking towards the sunset.


Monday, April 21, 2014

Egg hunt

On Sunday, my family drove over to my Grandma's house. When we arrived, we were told to go to where all the kids were. We were participating in a very interesting Easter Egg hunt. After a few minutes of waiting, we went outside. After getting told where we could find the eggs, we ran off. I seemed to be behind everyone.

But I soon sped up. I found my first egg on the bridge. I found a small egg and a bunny in the cabbage field, another three small eggs in the tall grass, along with one more chocolate bunny. I ended up with the most treats - 6.

We divided up the treats, so everyone got equal. I was sad a little, but I still had something to eat!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Herobrines attack Part 6: Cheese, Human Meteors, and Electronic Jet Packs!

“Around 98.581 perceeeeeee... WAIT WHAT?!”

CHAPTER 6: Cheese, Human Meteors, and Electronic Jet Packs!

“Still good math.” I replied calmly. “rrrrrrgggggg....” Jordan groaned angrily. “NO!” screamed Vaifoa. “It’s not worth the penalty!” “F-FINE.” Jordan grumbled.

“Find a spot to hide.” I told them. They did. “Mitch,” I said like a general or commander acting all macho as he was gonna risk his life, “Once I leave, teleport to a different dimension.” “O...Ok-kay?” Mitch worried.

“GOOD!” I shouted, jumping out of the U.F.O inside a spacesuit. Mitch teleported the U.F.O away. I saw a button on the arm thing. It said ‘EJECT’. But with the pixelation around, I didn’t know what it said. “Electronic...Jet Pack?” I thought. “JETPACK!!” I shouted pressing the button.

KABAMMO!! I shot through space really fast. Really fast. Any faster and I think time would stop. In around 2 seconds, I could already see Earth. I looked at myself. I had no suit on! I looked around. The stars and planets looked like thin streaks of light. “Wait,” I thought. “That was Eject?”

I looked forward again. “Oh dear,” I thought, going faster and faster towards the earth. The gravity caught me. All of a sudden, I burst in flames. I was like a meteor striking earth.

“T-this guy is o-on fire! S-someone get the extinguisher!” I sung in my head. As I got closer to the ground, I saw Herobrine. I could kill him. He couldn’t control me because I wasn’t pixelated.

I grinned. Herobrine couldn't see me! I could kill him! But then, he moved forward. "Herobrine, what are you doing?" I whispered angrily. 

"How could this happen to meeeeeeeeeee!" I sung, falling faster and faster. I looked back. Herobrine walked back. I smiled. But then it turned out that he walked too far back.

"Uh oh." I called in horror.
SMAK! BANG! SNAP! CRACKLE! "YEOOOWW!!" I shrieked in pain. Herobrine gave me a funny look. "Oh stuff you." I yelled, kicking Herobrine in the groin with my fractured leg.

Herobrine got mad. He was about to kick me back when Jordan sped through, picked me up, and ran. “Really,” he said, “Did you really think you’d have all the fun?”

“Where are the others?” I asked.
“Oh, let’s say they’re not fond of cheese.” Jordan replied. He then phoned Mitch.
They teleported in front of us, then we ran on in, and we teleported away again.

“How come you guys haven’t shrunk?” Mitch asked.
“Dunno.” I replied.
“I mean, it shrinks zombies and that, but...”
“We’re human.”
ANOTHER IDEA!! This time I caught the lightbulb. I tore off a piece of the cheese and opened the door. I stopped. We were in a different dimension still. “Where is this place?” I asked.

“Dunno. Maybe in a black hole or something.” Vaifoa replied, falling asleep. I ran up to him and started slapping him in the face multiple times.

“C’mon Vaifoa! We need to get out of here so we can kill Herobrine! Look, I’m sleepy too but... never mind.” I mumbled. As I walked away, Jordan talked to him. “We’re having breakfast.” Vaifoa sat up in an instant. I stared at Jordan. And Mitch. And Vaifoa. “We are?” We asked synchronously.

“Nope. Needed to get you up.” Jordan told us. I ran outside. I looked around. I saw Herobrine, and ran at him. He saw me. He ran at me. I stopped, turned around, and ran. “Hope this works!” I thought.

I stopped again, waited until he got closer, then... SMAK!! I hit Herobrine with the lightbulb. “Energy efficient too.” I scoffed at the unconscious Herobrine. I stuffed the cheese down his throat. “Are ya human?” I thought.

The cheese shrunk him. All the way until he disappeared. “Wow.” Jordan, Vaifoa and Mitch said together standing behind me. Once we were sure the pixelation was gone, we went to Mouse Planet.

We dropped of Mitch, and what was left of the cheese, then went home. On the way back, Vaifoa caught Jordan playing games on his phone. “Let me have a turn.” Vaifoa asked. THUMP! I turned around. Vaifoa was on the ground. Unconscious. “What happened?” I asked.

“I gave the phone to him. I was just on Minecraft!” Jordan answered. But worse was still to come. As we found out when we approached Earth. I was worried. The Earth...

Schools out!(again!)

When I got home, I collapsed into a heap and started sleeping. It's just one of those things I usually do. I slept for about 1 hour before I got up. I played with my toys, ate something and had a drink, and slept again. Some people say that's unhealthy for me, but I really listen. Schools out for 2 weeks, and I'm gonna enjoy it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Herobrines attack Pt 5: Selfie's unite!

“How did the zombie get here?” Vaifoa asked.

I ignored Vaifoa and focused on the black hole. “What to do?” I thought. “I kno-” SMAK! “Why is there broken glass on your head?” asked Rory.

Again I ignored them and got to work. I ripped off a piece of the cheese and threw it at the black hole. KABLAMO!!! The black hole blew up and sent us flying. “Yay.” I cheered quietly.

The computer turned on. Everything was working out. Except for the pixelation which was still following us through mid-space.

I snatched Rory’s phone out of his pocket. “Rory,” I told him, “Go on my world and kill Herobrine.” I left everything to Rory.

“Okay,” he replied. “But first,♪ let me take a selfie!♫” “NOOOO!!!” I shrieked, knocking the phone out of his grasp before music started randomly playing and selfies started popping up.

The phone broke into smithereens. “Look what you’ve done!” Jordan scolded. I didn’t know what to do. I crawled under one of the tables and thought. “Is anybody else paying attention to the zombie?” asked Vaifoa in a sort of childish voice. “No-one? O-okay.”

“How powerful is the cheese?” I asked Mitch. Mitch soon replied. “Very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very, ver-” “NO MORE!!” Jordan interrupted.

We landed on a planet, also safe for human life. Vaifoa ran out first, and everyone else followed. We looked around, and saw the pixelation far in the distance. “Now what?” Mitch asked, staring at the ground.

“Ahem!” Vaifoa shouted, with his cellphone in his hand. “Where’d you get that?” asked Jordan.
“It was on the zombie.” Vaifoa replied.
“Very well.”
“So, I go on Minecraft, right?”

Rory greedily snatched the phone out of Vaifoa’s strong grasp. “LEMME TAKE A SELFIE!!♫” He screeched. The entire planet started flashing multi color, music started playing out of nowhere, and random selfies started popping up. “SEE WHAT I MEAN!?!?” I shouted to Jordan.

Rory was taking way too many selfies. He was acting like someone who hadn’t eaten in their entire life. His tongue was poking out, with his bloodshot eyes wide open, and to make things worse, he held the phone so hard it crushed. “Let me do this Jordan,” I told Jordan. “LOOK WHAT YOU’VE DONE!” I shouted.

When the phone broke, Rory crumbled into pieces. Literally. There was pieces of him in a giant heap. “I didn't know that was possible.” Mitch told us.

Jordan walked into the plane. “Let’s get moving.” he said. “Oh yeah, I wish that was you Vaifoa.”
“RRRRRGGGGGG!!!” Vaifoa shouted, running at Jordan. Mitch and I followed.

We flew the U.F.O away. On the way, Mitch and I started a conversation.
“Could the cheese protect us from the pixelation?” I asked.
“Think so. Possibility around 82.48%”
“That’s good math.”
“What about the chances of escaping the pixelation which has surrounded us to the point of no escape?”
“Around 98.581 perceeeeeee... WAIT WHAT?!”

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Term 1 reflection

My highlights this term would have to be making movies with my friends, working in the tuckshop, and being in extension. Why? I’ll answer 1 by 1. I get to be with my friends, and we easily manage what we have to do without fuss. With other people it’d be hard because I don’t know them well, and some people I’m not fond of.

Working in the Tuckshop is great. I think that if I work in a shop when I’m older, I’ll have experience. Plus, at the end of the day we get something for free!

And extension is something of an honor to me. It’s an advanced class, and we get lots of very fun tasks. In extension, we do PENN. That’s our school television. Recently, the extension group has gone to the museum to find out about WWI!

I have made progress in maths and reading, I think. I know this because I’ve been understanding much more complex strategies and I have also learnt and understood other new things. For example, 5 to the power of 2. The answer is 25. In reading, I’ve been taught complex words, and their meanings too. For another example, engross means to absorb.

I still need to work hard to improve my writing. I’m getting better, but not as well as the other 2 subjects. I know this because I can’t put in extra detail in without it not making sense. Because of this my stories sometimes aren’t good.

I am most proud of my efforts in animating because I really enjoyed creating animations. I got the chance to come up with lots of different ideas like my train animation, I thought that it was clever and interesting.

My 3 main goals for Term 2 will be to improve on my writing, and my money and change skills. Why? ‘cause I don’t want anyone to get the better of me in the tuckshop, and like I said earlier, there’s room for improvement in my writing. My 3rd goal is come up with even more creative ideas! Because, I like being creative and make things that stand out.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Herobrine's attack Pt 4: Character Gathering!

“Wanna play Minecraft?” Jordan asked sarcastically.

“No.” Vaifoa answered. The two of them got into another argument. I hastily searched the invisible object. It felt like a U.F.O. “Rory?” I asked. “You there?” “Yes.” Rory replied, with the U.F.O becoming visible and cockpit opening.

I told Rory the story. Then I jumped in. “C’mon guys!” I yelled. “A..a...a...a U.F.O?” Vaifoa asked, jumping in. The glass closed, and we flew up. The pixelation almost got us. “Phew.” I puffed.

I looked at Earth. It was square. I looked at the moon. It was square. I saw a body on the moon. “Who’s that?” I asked. “Jerome.” Rory replied. “Is he... dead?” I asked. “Déjà vu.” Rory replied.

“AAARRRGGG!!!” Jordan screamed. “I’ve had about enough!! You guys keep on annoying me so much!!” “And you keep on screaming.” Vaifoa replied. Again, they got in an argument. I facepalmed.

“I found this planet on the map! It's safe for us to land.” Rory explained. After 2 hours of listening to Jordan and Vaifoa’s constant arguing, we landed.

We got out and explored. I was shocked. Everyone looked like... human mice. “What the heck?!” Jordan shouted, his hands up in the air.

“I dunno.” Vaifoa answered. I walked up to a mouse that looked like this butter sculpture on top of a giant swiss cheese slice. “Who are you?” I asked. “Why, I’m M.J.M. Stands for Mitch Jane Mouse. You can call me Mitch.” he replied.

I told him about the pixelation. I was about to finish when someone else interrupted. “WHO ARE YOU!?” He shouted. I introduced myself, and Mitch told me that he was Ryan Gaylord Mouse.

Ryan was peeving me off. He kept talking about himself. Mitch told me that his ego was bigger the power in the swiss cheese that kept the planet together.


I grabbed the cheese and ran. “C’mon Mitch!” I shouted. I told the others to jump in. “COME BACK HERE!” Ryan shouted. I ate part of the cheese. “Very good!” I teased.

We flew away. “What was that for?” Mitch asked. “It was because now we can slow down the pixelation!” Rory went on Minecraft on my netbook. “What are you doing?” I questioned.

“How about killing Herobrine?” Rory asked. “Look, everyone who got pixelated is here.” I looked.

I started to play. I found Herobrine. I started fighting him. Before I could kill him, my netbook shut down. “Oh you cheeky little battery!!” I yelled. “Umm...” Rory said, staring through the transparent glass.

We all crowded around. There was a zombie hanging on one of the U.F.O’s legs. The zombie had spew on it’s face, and there was a phone in it as well.

I stared at Vaifoa. “Ring-a-bell?” I asked. “Ew.” Vaifoa replied. “Battery...failure...” The computer said. “Was that... PARANORMAL ACTIVITY?” Mitch asked. The U.F.O shook. We were getting pulled into a black hole.

“How did the zombie get here?” Vaifoa asked.