Thursday, April 10, 2014


After school had finished, I went to go look for my cousin Ryan. “C’mon,” I told him, “Fiafia’s starting.” We helped set up the chairs, carpets, and food stalls. Usually we would have gone home, but my family went and ordered a food stall to set up as well.

At 6 o’clock, we went to our Fiafia stalls. I went to the library because I was in the Kapa Haka group. We got changed, and went to the stage area.

The crowd was cheering like crazy. I could hear that most of it was to support us. The other groups walked to their group spot. After Mr Burt and some of the prefects gave a brief introduction, my group went up. We did 4 different haka’s. I was scared on the inside, but I didn’t dare show it on the outside.

After 3 haka’s, my confidence grew rock solid. I wasn’t scared at all. All the girls got out their poi’s out and swung it synchronously. The boys just had to walk and sing. I found that bit easy.

Once that was over, we walked off the stage to the sound of cheering and clapping. The Kapa Haka group ran to the library to get changed. Mr Barks was waiting for me. He helped me get changed for my next item. I put on our group clothes: Black socks and shoes, a black T-shirt and white gloves, hat and pants. When I was fully dressed, I ran to my group.

I found my group was all the way at the back. After watching most of the other items, Mr Barks told us that we had to get up; our group was next. We had our last practice to get our precision perfect. We couldn’t do it properly. We were losing our concentration.

“And our next group is Precisely That!” Tyler shouted. We walked on up. I was freaking out on the inside. Our last practice was a complete flop. Could we do it?

I tried to keep it together, and I was! Surprisingly, our group didn’t fail like we did in practice. At the last bit, we turned around. There was a message on our backs. It read, “I ♥ MUM.” Then, we shook our hips side-to-side. Everyone laughed. I did as well.

When we got off, we watched the last items, and went to our changing rooms. When I was done changing, I left to my parents. Some of the highlights for me was getting food, and most of the items. I think I liked Precisely That’s item the most.

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