Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Herobrine's attack Pt 2: There he was!

I stopped and stuttered. The banner said...

“H-Herobrine?” I gasped. I never knew that this could even be possible. I didn’t open it to LAN, nor did I download Herobrine mod.

I walked towards the banner. Soon, I was standing on top of the banner. The name was underneath me. I selected my iron pickaxe and started digging down. Bang. I landed in a cave. I quickly checked the difficulty mode. It was on Peaceful Mode.

The Cave!
No zombies or anything. I didn’t know if it counted for Herobrine, but it didn’t matter now. I kept going on, mining things like redstone along the way. Soon my pickaxe was low power.

I noticed some iron on the cave wall. I was collecting all the iron, until I reached the last block of iron. Then I noticed it. The banner.

I thought of running away, but then I decided against it. I had come too far to run away or anything. So I mined the last piece of iron...

And there he was. Staring at me was Herobrine.

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  1. Hi Iisa

    I very like your amazing story about no zombie