Thursday, April 10, 2014

Herobrine's attack Pt 3: Déjà vu

And there he was. Staring at me was Herobrine.

“Should I be happy or sad?” I thought thoroughly to myself. I just found Herobrine. I stood up and started dancing. “I found Herobrine! I found H-herobrine!” I hit Herobrine. “Take that!” I exclaimed.

A few minutes later...

“AA-AAAHH!” I screamed, running away from herobrine. “Stuff this,” I thought. I left the game. “Phew.” I puffed. I looked at the screen. Herobrine was climbing out of it. “Uuhh.. Uuuhhh....” I wobbled.

So It’s come to this.” Herobrine said. “Are you real?” I asked. “What do you think, boy?” answered Herobrine. “I hate you for doing this. Now, as payback, I shall pixelate this world!” “Wha?” I said. “Is that even possible?”

Another few minutes later...

“AA-AAAHH!” I screamed, running away from herobrine. Only this time it was in real life. “What do I do?” I thought, running in the rain.

Again, a lightbulb appeared on top of my head. “Of course! The time car!” SMAK!! “Not again..” I groaned, with broken glass on my head.

I jumped in and sped away. I drove right through a school. WAK!! I ran over Jordan and Vaifoa. Jordan grabbed on to the end, and Vaifoa held on Jordan’s legs.

They both climbed on. “What was that for?” They asked synchronously. “You’re problem for arguing ‘till this day.” I replied.

I told them what the problem was. “O-okay?” Vaifoa replied. I drove into a dead end alley mistakenly. “Now what?” asked Jordan. “Don’t worry,” I said. “I saw this in an ad. We’ll be safe!” “Umm.” Vaifoa said.

“4,900 m/ph... 4,992 m/ph...” I read. “Time travel.” Jordan told Vaifoa. “YOU’RE GOING TO KILL US! SLOW DOWN!”
Déjà vu.” I replied. Jordan hit me. “Oww...” I groaned. “FIVE THOUSAND!!” I shouted. ZWOOP!! We entered space-time.

“Ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaa!!!” I laughed. “Ulp.” Vaifoa gulped. I turned around. The pixelation followed us into space-time. “Oh COME ON!!” I screamed.

“By the way,” Jordan said, “How far in the future are we going?” “1 second.” I answered. When we left space-time, we teleported somewhere else. In the middle of nowhere.

“Perfect.” I said. “No...” Vaifoa said. I turned around. We were followed. I looked ahead. To the sides. We were surrounded. WAK!! I hit something. The car broke. “Wanna play Minecraft?” Jordan asked sarcastically.

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