Saturday, April 12, 2014

Herobrine's attack Pt 4: Character Gathering!

“Wanna play Minecraft?” Jordan asked sarcastically.

“No.” Vaifoa answered. The two of them got into another argument. I hastily searched the invisible object. It felt like a U.F.O. “Rory?” I asked. “You there?” “Yes.” Rory replied, with the U.F.O becoming visible and cockpit opening.

I told Rory the story. Then I jumped in. “C’mon guys!” I yelled. “A..a...a...a U.F.O?” Vaifoa asked, jumping in. The glass closed, and we flew up. The pixelation almost got us. “Phew.” I puffed.

I looked at Earth. It was square. I looked at the moon. It was square. I saw a body on the moon. “Who’s that?” I asked. “Jerome.” Rory replied. “Is he... dead?” I asked. “Déjà vu.” Rory replied.

“AAARRRGGG!!!” Jordan screamed. “I’ve had about enough!! You guys keep on annoying me so much!!” “And you keep on screaming.” Vaifoa replied. Again, they got in an argument. I facepalmed.

“I found this planet on the map! It's safe for us to land.” Rory explained. After 2 hours of listening to Jordan and Vaifoa’s constant arguing, we landed.

We got out and explored. I was shocked. Everyone looked like... human mice. “What the heck?!” Jordan shouted, his hands up in the air.

“I dunno.” Vaifoa answered. I walked up to a mouse that looked like this butter sculpture on top of a giant swiss cheese slice. “Who are you?” I asked. “Why, I’m M.J.M. Stands for Mitch Jane Mouse. You can call me Mitch.” he replied.

I told him about the pixelation. I was about to finish when someone else interrupted. “WHO ARE YOU!?” He shouted. I introduced myself, and Mitch told me that he was Ryan Gaylord Mouse.

Ryan was peeving me off. He kept talking about himself. Mitch told me that his ego was bigger the power in the swiss cheese that kept the planet together.


I grabbed the cheese and ran. “C’mon Mitch!” I shouted. I told the others to jump in. “COME BACK HERE!” Ryan shouted. I ate part of the cheese. “Very good!” I teased.

We flew away. “What was that for?” Mitch asked. “It was because now we can slow down the pixelation!” Rory went on Minecraft on my netbook. “What are you doing?” I questioned.

“How about killing Herobrine?” Rory asked. “Look, everyone who got pixelated is here.” I looked.

I started to play. I found Herobrine. I started fighting him. Before I could kill him, my netbook shut down. “Oh you cheeky little battery!!” I yelled. “Umm...” Rory said, staring through the transparent glass.

We all crowded around. There was a zombie hanging on one of the U.F.O’s legs. The zombie had spew on it’s face, and there was a phone in it as well.

I stared at Vaifoa. “Ring-a-bell?” I asked. “Ew.” Vaifoa replied. “Battery...failure...” The computer said. “Was that... PARANORMAL ACTIVITY?” Mitch asked. The U.F.O shook. We were getting pulled into a black hole.

“How did the zombie get here?” Vaifoa asked.

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