Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Herobrine's Attack Pt 7: I hate cheese!

The Earth...

Wasn’t there. “OH COME ON!!! STUPID GPS!” I shouted.

Chapter 7: I hate cheese!

“Lost?” asked Vaifoa, half asleep. “Good guess!” I answered sarcastically. I glared at the GPS. It said EARTH. I looked closer. It said 34-TH. I looked up. The planet was there, but it was very small.

We had to keep going. As we left planet 34-TH, Jordan and Vaifoa fell asleep. No problem, except for the fact that they snore really loudly.

“ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ!!!!!!” They snored. I felt like falling asleep as well. “Stay...a-awake...” I thought. Unfortunatly, I couldn’t.

I woke up a few hours later. It would’ve been later, but snoring woke me up. I looked around through the glass. Then the GPS. We were on Earth, but we were stuck on an island.

The GPS said we were on a deserted island named Jazz island. There were two others very near. Those were named Anonymous Jazz, and Ghost Jazz. “Who writes this material?!” I thought.

Later, Vaifoa and Jordan woke up. “So, what happened and w..h..e..r..e we?” Jordan asked. “Jazz Island. I replied. “Where’s that?” asked Vaifoa, who was waking up. “Somewhere off the sea around Norway.” I answered. “Survival... where has this happened before?” asked Vaifoa sarcastically.

“Right here.” I
replied. “WHAT?” Vaifoa said heavily. “Yeah, look around.” I said. “See, the massive volcano which we never noticed, the old lava, the cave, and our house which is still somehow standing!”

“I think I’m missing something.” interrupted Jordan. The door by our house opened. We all stared at it. there was no wind to blow it open either. “Was that... PARANORMAL ACTIVITY?” Jordan asked. “Who’s gonna search?” I asked. “Paper scissors rock.” called Vaifoa. In the end, I lost. So I went to investigate.

I turned around, and I saw Jordan and Vaifoa panicking. “Scaredy cats.” I whispered, turning around. I was freaking out. Since I built the house with Lee, I knew where to go and stuff.

At one point I saw Lee’s corpse. It wasn’t in the same position as it was last time I saw him. “Who’s there!” I shouted like some cop in a panic room. I investigated further. At one point a painting caught my eye. “We never put one up there.” I said, squinting my eyes like a detective looking at something fishy.

I checked closer. Then it hit me. I ripped the painting off it’s hinges. And there he was. Staring at me was Herobrine.

“Should I be happy or sad?” I thought thoroughly to myself. I just found Herobrine. I started dancing. “I found Herobrine! I found H-herobrine!” I sung. I punched Herobrine. “Take that!” I exclaimed.

A few minutes later...

“AA-AAAHH!” I screamed, running away from herobrine. “Déjà vu!” I screeched. When I reached Jordan & Vaifoa, Herobrine stopped. “How are you alive!?” Jordan screamed. “I came back from the afterlife.” Herobrine answered.

“No fair! You’re in the wrong story, bub!” Vaifoa shouted. Herobrine ignored Vaifoa and turned on me. “I can’t pixelate anymore. I get really sick when I eat cheese. I hate cheese!

“Wait,” Jordan interrupted. “Herobrine has an allergy?” “What’s an allergy?” Herobrine asked. Jordan stood there, his jaw almost touching the ground. “What next!? He doesn’t know what a selfie is!?” “What’s a selfie?” Herobrine asked. “Can I kill him?” Jordan asked me. “Be my guest!” I replied. “Yay. AAAARRRGGGHHH!!!!” Jordan screamed, running at Herobrine.

2 minutes later...

Jordan and Herobrine both lay down. They were both panting. Vaifoa ran up next to them. “And they’re both down!” He shouted. “1... 2... 3... It seems like a double knockout!” Herobrine grabbed Vaifoa’s leg. “AAAIIIEEE!!” Vaifoa screeched like a little girl.

A wall fell on Herobrine, enabling Vaifoa to fidget out of Herobrines grasp. “Thank you, God.” Vaifoa said, looking at the sky. I looked at the old house Lee and I made. One of the walls fell over.

“Um... person who fought Herobrine is still on the ground, and needs help.” Jordan puffed sarcastically. I helped Jordan get up. “Thanks.” he replied. STOMP! STOMP! STOMP! Jordan and I turned our heads at the wall on Herobrine.

Vaifoa was jumping up and down on the wall. “Take that!” He chuckled like an evil mastermind would. Herobrine’s hand ripped through the dirt and old wooden plank wall, and grabbed Vaifoa’s foot.

“WILL YOU STOP IT!!” Vaifoa screamed at the top of his lungs. “W-will y-you s-stop s-screaming?” Herobrine weakly replied.

SMACK!! The U.F.O fell on Herobrine.
“How did that happen!?” Vaifoa shouted, running away. "No more space tvael," I said, turning around. There was a massive zombie. 

It crunched Herobrine until blood splattered everywhere. The zombie turned to us. “Run. I’ll distract it.” I told Vaifoa and Jordan.

They obeyed, and ran away. I ran into the house. I looked at the table that had our work tools. THUMP! THUMP! The zombie was approaching the house. I found the iron pickaxe and gold sword. The zombie was crushing the house with it’s feet.

I smashed the glass and ran outside. Just in time, too. The house was crushed into smithereens. “You’re gonna have to pay for that!” I shouted. The zombie ignored me and picked me up. I threw the pickaxe in it’s eye. After it shed a few tears, it started to crush me.

“Oh come on! My bones had healed from falling!” I shrieked. I cut the zombie’s fingers off with the sword. Then, I jumped, ignoring the pain, and stabbed the zombie in it’s head. After panicking, it fell over, dead. “Yay,” I thought, falling down. I gulped.

“Wake up,” I heard, waking up. “Vaifoa found the time car on the furthest end of the island.” Jordan explained.

It turned out that the keys in the car had fallen out. I got in the driver’s seat, and we sped off. On the way, I smiled. We did it. KABONK! The car hit a small speed bump. That sent us flying. Into the air.

ZWOOP! We entered space-time. We weren’t going fast enough. “Everyone, get to the front!” I shouted. KABLAM!! The end of the car was gone. The 3 of us just made it. “Phew.” We all puffed synchronously. "No more time travel." I called.

We all walked home. “Only 2 seconds in the future.” I giggled. The others laughed as well. “Let’s not play Minecraft for a while.” I said to the others, walking towards the sunset.


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  1. Hi Iisa. Wow! You have been busy these holidays. Where do you get your ideas for your stories? What's been your inspiration? You are amazing!