Friday, April 4, 2014

Museum trip

At 9:30 a.m, the year 7 & 8 extension group made their departure to the museum. I went with, as I’m in that group. When we arrived, Mrs Burne was there and gave us a warm greeting. We put our bags down and followed this woman named Olivia to the top floor.

She told us about Anzac and then showed us some pictures from World War 1. The first picture was pretty pixelated, but I could make out that she was showing us the Anzacs at a cliff in Turkey. Olivia then told us some info about the trenches from the Turks and the Anzacs. Apparently the distance between the trenches from both sides was around 4 - 6 meters!

That spot was called ‘No man’s land’. Anyone in there had a very high chance of dying. Then, we were split into groups. I was the only boy in my group. We had to make a trench with sandbags as fast as we could.

We were pretty squashed up, but I didn’t dare to get up and pretend get shot. Olivia showed us the cans that the Anzacs ate in their trenches. It was just jam. “For 8 months,” Said Olivia, “They ate that.”

We moved on, to a play. Only one difference. We were in it. They showed us what is was like in the army. They did it very well. At one point we were forced to do push-ups! And at another point, one of the actors limped in with a gunshot wound. The make-up was very good. It looked like he was actually shot.

After lunch, we went on a self guided tour. We went around everywhere we could. Mary & I went together. In about 30 minutes, we made it around half the museum. At about 2:00, this security guard picked us up and took us to Mrs Tele’a.

When we were waiting, Wyatt told me that in the volcano room, Jorja shrieked. Isara had recorded it on his Ipad, and showed us. We enjoyed replaying the scream over and over, until we had to go back. I really enjoyed that trip. I have a favourite part of the trip.

All of it.

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  1. What a cool recount Iisa. I had already heard lots about your very cool trip, but your added detail filled in some gaps for me. I am so jealous that I didn't get to go with you.
    Nice job