Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Term 1 reflection

My highlights this term would have to be making movies with my friends, working in the tuckshop, and being in extension. Why? I’ll answer 1 by 1. I get to be with my friends, and we easily manage what we have to do without fuss. With other people it’d be hard because I don’t know them well, and some people I’m not fond of.

Working in the Tuckshop is great. I think that if I work in a shop when I’m older, I’ll have experience. Plus, at the end of the day we get something for free!

And extension is something of an honor to me. It’s an advanced class, and we get lots of very fun tasks. In extension, we do PENN. That’s our school television. Recently, the extension group has gone to the museum to find out about WWI!

I have made progress in maths and reading, I think. I know this because I’ve been understanding much more complex strategies and I have also learnt and understood other new things. For example, 5 to the power of 2. The answer is 25. In reading, I’ve been taught complex words, and their meanings too. For another example, engross means to absorb.

I still need to work hard to improve my writing. I’m getting better, but not as well as the other 2 subjects. I know this because I can’t put in extra detail in without it not making sense. Because of this my stories sometimes aren’t good.

I am most proud of my efforts in animating because I really enjoyed creating animations. I got the chance to come up with lots of different ideas like my train animation, I thought that it was clever and interesting.

My 3 main goals for Term 2 will be to improve on my writing, and my money and change skills. Why? ‘cause I don’t want anyone to get the better of me in the tuckshop, and like I said earlier, there’s room for improvement in my writing. My 3rd goal is come up with even more creative ideas! Because, I like being creative and make things that stand out.

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