Wednesday, May 7, 2014

A World Without Sound

Imagine a world without sound. One of the worse things that  could happen. No matter what, people could not hear anything. Not even themselves.

We love hearing sound, like music and humming, but with that gone we would be disappointed. There are some sounds we probably won’t mind missing, like insults. We could ignore them and carry on. Wait, we wouldn’t even have to bother!

A world without sound would be a very dangerous one. For example, if a train was arriving at the station, and you’re walking over the crossing. You definitely wouldn’t hear it, and probably die.

To add onto the chaos, if you’re listening to the radio while driving, you won’t hear the notices. And who knows? Maybe they sent out a warning about a bridge that blew up, and you’re heading straight to that bridge?

So, we probably could get along with sign language, typing and writing all the time. It makes a big difference listening to nothing. It’s better hearing everything, even if some of the sounds aren’t nice.

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  1. Great post Iisa. I enjoyed reading your ideas about what it would be like to live without sound. Imagine that! Anyway keep up the great work.