Monday, May 5, 2014

Immersion Assembly Term 2

Term 2 had started. I was excited. After my class did the roll, we headed over to the hall. The hall had multi-coloured balloons hanging around the isle and stage. “This’ll be interesting.” I thought.

Soon, the other classes filled up the empty spaces. Mr Burt came out and shouted, “Welcome to Term 2!” He told us what the main inquiry was. It was about motion and that sort of things.

To start everything off, he and the prefects started tying balloons to a small car. Once they tied 15 balloons onto the little plush toy, it flew.

Team 1 came up. They had a video about the zoo and the safety equipment. Then, Mrs George came up. She told us that tomorrow the students in Team one only were going to the zoo. The seniors started groaning.

By the time we stopped, Team 2 came up. They gave us a small tutorial about flight, thrust, drag and gravity. They then picked up paperplanes and plastic planes, and threw them at us. Unfortunatly, none of the planes made it to where the year 7’s and 8’s were.

Team 3 was up. They danced around on the stage with multi-coloured dresses. Then, once they were done, they told us about light and how it works. Mrs Barks also told us of how we see colours.

They then walked off the stage, dancing. “Nice.” I thought, smirking. “And now,” shouted Mr Burt suspensively, “Team 4!” Team 4 first played a movie about buoyancy and displacement.

Then, they gave us a quick quiz. If we got it right, we’d get a chocolate fish. I found the questions very easy.

But unfortunately for me, I never got chosen. While I cried on the inside, Team 5 approached the stage for their item. They had an MTV about sound and physics. It was funny, and entertaining simultaneously.

Soon after that, assembly ended. As my class walked back to class, I smiled. I think we’re all in for something special!

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